Across the board… Steelers win ey?

Well this week we had the Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) travel to the Tennessee Titans (1-4) in a game of “David vs. Goliath”. The Titans are yet to get “CJ2K” started this season as he really is just a shadow of his former self at RB, while the Steelers enter the season with yet another “substandard offensive line”, but they are still doing well. Personally I dislike Ben Roethlisberger in the most pantomime way as long story short that much like Ashley Cole or John Terry, as a man “slag” him off as much as you like but as an professional athlete we all need to shut up, and he’s made amazing strides to curb that perception.

Either way the Titans on one of their first possessions could only manage a FG when the Steelers managed a TD, in each score it was just sizing more and more to the script that the Titans could only manage points with the boot, not by crossing the plain. By halftime it was becoming an inaccurate guess for the Titans went “into the tunnel” with a 16-10 edge due to a TD apiece in that 1st half, but it was the extra FG by Titans kicker Rob Bironas. I just think the best example of incorrectly assuming the first half was how the Steelers got their TD with a 82 yard bomb from Roethlisberger to Wallace, but the Titans needed 2 plays to make the 1 TD after getting the turnover from an interception by Jason McCourty.

It took the 3rd quarter for the Steelers to reel the Titans back in (a good team makes those halftime adjustments), as they got their own FG so entering the 4th it was 16-13. The Steelers suffered two injuries along the Offensive Line (center Maurkice Pouncey &  right tackle Marcus Gilbert) before that 4th quarter and it was telling as “Big Ben” made “sack saving scramble after sack saving scramble”, but that’s Roethlisberger to a “T”. It’s Roethlisberger’s “thing” to keep the play alive until he can get the throw away and no better example than that Steelers opening score to the 4th as 15 plays capped off by a 1 yard TD rush by “special teams captain” and #3 RB on the depth chart Baron Batch. Long story short the Titans on the final drive of the game, to make it some 73 yards to score but they managed 33 to get them into FG range for kicker Rob Bironas that nailed the 40 yarder and that was the game.

Moral of the story, everyone and their dog said that the Steelers had this won, but then to be honest, that’s why I love (American) Football, so unpredictable. Keep it up for Green Bay Packers (2-3) & Houston Texans (5-0) on “SNF” please!