These are some of the features that NFL Gamepass offers its subscribers…. Speechless. Mainly because I only use 68% of it!

I’m in a bit of a “pickle” for to be honest as much as I love the NFL and I love following the “ins & outs” I’m seriously hating the 1am starts, the epitome of bittersweet. I know people will say “can’t you explore the recording feature on Gamepass?”, I’m 99.9% sure that no-one has said that. Ask anyone that’s passionate about any sport and again with the 99.9% sure that they would tell you that as-live or flatout recorded live sport is just wrong”. This weekend I went to see my best friend in Brighton (if you didn’t already know – Last paragraph) and he said the “inconvenient truth”, “don’t let sport dictate your life“. Never a truer word said as I see the football fans in this country that follow their football teams all over the world in a form of “tribal fashion”. So scary is the thought of being mislabelled a hooligan and that having a lasting legacy with my future and devotion, I’ve always said to myself “that’s not me“. I can’t explain how though I’m not spending money on flights or spending serious “bank” on merchandise I’m fearful of an alternative sign of “too far” for I’m shifting my sleeping pattern in line of the games, i.e. sleeping between 6am-2pm. A weekend which was bittersweet in it’s own right for 1/3 of “The A Team” couldn’t make it (again, last paragraph), I think I’ve already mentioned that but it was a big deal to me and to Terry.

We should all know by now that I live by the expression “if you have lemons, make lemonade“, so it was fun going to Brighton as Tom bestowed an amazing present from his recent trip to Mexico (so much better than a poncho). We popped by Computer Exchange and especially how I recently wrote about “multi-player/co-operative gaming”, the suggestion for ‘Army Of Two‘ (wikipedia) as it was only £5 may be the best example that the fashion isn’t dead. We’re even talking about getting the second one ‘Army Of Two: The 40th Day‘ (wikipedia), that’s how great it was as it had to be the best game for those “Bromance Moments”. There’s a release of the third one ‘Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel‘ (wikipedia), “back to back“, “aggro“, “step-up ledges”, but that first one had it all so the second & third one’s are coming soon to a PS3 near us. Earlier that Saturday afternoon we went to the local cinema to watch ‘The Campaign‘ a film in which we both agreed was “epic”. No better challenger to the statement that Will Ferrell is back to his comedic prime for I believe most of his fans can agree that Ferrell hasn’t been the same comedic actor since ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy‘, a great film as we both stated that we had to get our copies on DVD. After a good film we went back to the house to watch ‘Avengers Assemble‘ (on Blu Ray) with some pizza and in a buy one, get one free offer, it was only getting better and better.

Best Will Ferrell movie since Anchorman… “Book it”!

Sunday was a real wind down for Tom loves Formula One as we even went into depth on the Saturday afternoon before ‘The Campaign’ to “name a sport other than football that you’re passionate about“. The highlight of Tom’s Sunday had to be the Japanese Grand Prix, the live showing was at an offensive time in the morning so he settled for a day of not knowing the result until the replay later that afternoon. The sporting highlight to my day had to be Green Bay Packers @ Indianapolis Colts, it turned out to be “a  day” for both of us as Tom’s least favourite driver won the race (click if you want to find out who, you’ve been warned) and the Green Bay game… The Green Bay game (click here for the results of this game).

Ooooo… Pretty!

It all wrapped up with a Monday of popping down to the seafront while Tom was as uni so I could pick up some “rock” for the family as it’s the “go to – must do” for any person that goes to the seaside. Nothing to do with the text message I got from my sister then. All in all an awesome weekend in the fashion Brighton only knows, never since I’ve known Tom or even before that (six years now, hmm) have I disliked a good ol’ trip to Brighton. Even with Jeff, Emily, Kevin, Hazel, Patrick, Rachel, May, Matthew and a couple of others a good three or four years ago now, but that’s another story for another time.