You know I was saying about “Hit, Miss, and Maybe”? Well… I stick by it!

I think it was two weeks ago now but for the first time in some three or four years now (I hope I’m embellishing that stat) but there was a week in which though I was well within my power to do so, I didn’t submit a blog post. I could use excuses but people reading this deserve better than that so all I will say is “Weren’t you all so lucky? My annoying wittering had a pause”. The last week has been one of mixed fortunes because I suppose besides “same ol’-same ol’ really” has to be the worldwide release of FIFA 13 as the metaphor “The male version of 50 Shades of Grey“seemed to just say it all. The thing that gets be about the FIFA series is that as low-level heterosexual or as politically correct as I try to be or as the world sees things, something seems to inject it with steroids when mentioning steroids. Not a metaphor for baseball players or any kind of professional athlete *shifty eyes* but in all honesty I can’t imagine any other moment when using the term “Male Version of 50 Shades of Grey” is 1) Funny, 2) Acceptable.

This may be the hardest entry I’ve ever written for I do love me a bit of gaming, and no better game than FIFA 13 for it really is an improvement on FIFA 12. Also quickly mentioning how a good five “friends” on my PSN were all playing FIFA at some point on that release date (28/09/12), 50 Shades of Grey indeed! No disrespect to FIFA 12 but it felt slow and impersonal to the point that I couldn’t even get to grips with its “career mode” for I tried it when I first bought the title (30/10/11) but never again. This season’s (2012/13) edition is simply so much better for the reason that dependant on the team in which you choose to “create a pro” for, if your 68 rating (mid-table League 1 maybe, downwards) is too low to start then you will be put out on loan. Personally I started at Manchester United (supporter since ’93… Sue me) and so in my first season after finally figuring out how to “confirm” after the loan offers, I rejected a number until Brentford came calling. The Bees were my first offer but it really was camouflaged and so after Plymouth Argyle, Chesterfield, Colchester, also Swindon Town I got a loan offer from Aldershot Town so I took it as from League 2 to get promoted with a mid-table team was doable. Got them promoted but then roll on year two and I demanded to be put on loan after the team confirmed the transfer of centreback Mats Hummels (from Borussia Dortmund) earlier in the summer transfer window, so took the second offer to Brentford for they are another team that I have a soft spot for and want to do well. I’m currently in my second season but it’s already portrayed more realism for me than FIFA 12 ever did and (my best mate) Tom though saying “I’ve only just reached Christmas in my first year”, displayed a certain ignorance in making loan choices showed to be a “blessing in disguise” for whichever team I eventually chose to accept would have been knocked out of the League Cup as well as the FA Cup by the January transfer window so again that is less matches to play. But another friend (Rob) started off at AFC Wimbledon, got transferred to Fulham for £3.5mil, just to ride the bench but is now plying his trade in La Liga for Real Madrid and he has just made his international debut all in four seasons so major respect for that man.

Another thing I like about FIFA 13 is the in-match score updates from around the league by Alan Mcinally, as well as the in-match injury updates by Geoff Shreeves. I hope that Alan Mcinally is in a booth or has a phone app because the mind boggles how they think he can be up north in Manchester but then down south to Southampton in only 1 minute “real-time” and some 5 minutes “FIFA-time”. One last thing I love about FIFA 13 has to be the “Match Day” option for to be honest I’m sick of the constant talk of 99.9% of players saying that the rating is unfair and at least until a software update they are way off the mark. This season has week-by-week updates and so it means that “real-life” injuries, form, suspensions etc affect each individual match and are mentioned pre-kickoff. When I read on Gamespot’s Facebook that one of their reviewers said that ’13 was “the same ol’ FIFA”, I think I speak for the odd million that preordered, let alone the odd “out-n-out” four point five million that purchased it to reply with “you sir, know nothing about this series, possibly the best yet”.

One of my toughest blog entries as I have never been so addicted to a game in a long-long time, but this year’s edition is an innovation, Tottenham unveiled their 3rd kit from it which is just testament. This is the first edition in which the developers mention how much they are trying to keep up to date with server issues and general grumblings (or the first I cared to listen, either way).

With this glittering review done, I’m off to visit Tom for the weekend but in “the most depressing news ever”, 1/3 of our “A Team” trio (Dan) can’t make it this weekend so I’m flying solo this one time but that man better come good next time as I seriously wanted to have a stab at the Terry Crews, aww well.