Woke up to a beautiful Saturday after the rain of Friday but to think that this is the 3rd time. The 1st and 2nd times unfortunately consisted of horrid weather, but this time around the forecast was a pleasant one. I’m out of the house by 8am for I was meeting a Chris who is a member of H2H. He with his lovely girlfriend Maria as well as her son Alvaro for Chris offered to drive me to Leith Hill.

We got there roughly at 9:45am and meeting a number of new faces as well as re-acquainting with “old faces” from previous H2H events was good. A quick congrats to Sam & Sarah as they recently got married. In those new faces and characters I found out about the work of a fair number of photographers made up of various local photography clubs and even found out some of the reason for choosing such a good hobby. One member said how never gifted at drawing or painting, there’s a certain art to photography, a concept that I fully agree with. There were also a number of National Trust workers (Ruby being one that I remembered, she had such a great character). I found myself in the group of “Emperors & Empresses” today, but there were a number of other groups. There were also “Viscounts & Viscountesses“, “Lavender“, “Kings & Queens“, “Butterflies“, “Chiefs & Chieftesses“, “Owls“, as well as “Princes & Princesses“. Apologies if I’ve left out any but I did go around and ask as many groups as I could. The thing I’ve always loved about H2H and I even went as far as mentioning it in a previous blog. How groups DNA is predetermined is a mystery to its members but then I suppose that is mission accomplished. In the “Emperors & Empresses” group there was Rebecca, her young son Andrew and Rolynace as he is a new one on this outing (I found out that he’d been before, but I’d just met him). Each group was asked to elect one member to stay behind at the hall. This was for group members arriving late for the day to meet up with us that had walked up to the church. Literally round the corner from the meeting hall was local the church in order to make some paper chains. Shortly later our group was joined by a couple of late arrivals in Tomasz (the man that drove a number of the general great personality) and his son Oliver.

I think no better example of my focus “on the job at hand” as Rolynace was very much a part of the group but with an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality I simply forgot to add him on one of the bands of the chain, please forgive me Rolynace! Either way after completing as many paper chains with the paper on our table in the church we handed them in. Our group then began the hike up to the tower that sat at the top of Leith Hill. The paper chain making exercise was to see if it would reach the ground from the top of the tower. Oliver and Andrew running ahead from the rest of us during on the hike up the hill, that highlighted how great H2H is for involving individuals from every tread of life. I overheard from a couple of people that they had kids, adult relatives, and friends that didn’t consider inviting for they didn’t know what to expect. Either way they were encouraged to invite them for the day out next time as H2H does just that, it includes everyone. We all made it to the top of the hill and the chain to the top of the tower. Unfortunately during the chain rolling down the side of the tower, after reaching the ground it snapped roughly after an extra 1/4 of the paper chain. The paper chain continued another 3/4’s after snapping and in a way it was a form of metaphor for the whole project. Heritage 2 Health is about individuals with various pasts joining together in order to form a whole and more complete one at that. This may just be “reading too much into everything” but even when there was a snap, it still went about fulfilling a job. Even with that unexpected snap in the chain, it still carried on which is could be a certain metaphor for life.

A footnote highlighting H2H: After coming down the top of the tower I suffered a minor nose bleed (rushing down from the high altitude of the tower?). It only occurred to me a good ten steps after exiting the foot of the tower. Nosebleeds are the horrible for more than the obvious reason as they look so dramatic when there was no drama to start it. I went as far as joking with one of the sister nurse’s of The Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Centre. In that time I luckily rehabbed there for three months a little under 2 years ago now as it was the sister nurse that helped me through the nosebleed. I explained to those that asked how “high blood pressure” is unspectacular as I may even have to “embellish the truth” for some comic relief. After roughly twenty or so other members that day asked about my well-being I had a certain surprise was in store. I found out that Rolynace was a medical student so he was more than capable of helping me out. It only highlighted how even the medical student nurses, nurses, sisters and all of the other medical attendants can’t be marked out without making themselves known. Again showing that is Heritage 2 Health in a nutshell, “here if you need us, but otherwise ignore the care as the activity is the focus”.

Then came “The Main Event”, a time capsule burying a number of notes from each of the groups making the paper chains to be dug up 10 years from now. Our “Emperors & Empresses” group had “H2H, Heritage 2 Health. A feel-good factor with all that wealth” as it seemed fitting for a number of us, a time capsule mixed with video messages to be uncovered 50 years from now. There was also a bit of embroidery with a personal message to be put together on a patchwork quilt form. Personally I’m rubbish at embroidery so I would try my best in the time we had but I suggested that I take it home and give it to H2H next time. All in all a great day for everyone involved and hopefully to be a part of many more.

Pictures coming when uploaded on http://www.heritage2health.co.uk/