Each side of the ball in the middle symbolises a conference (AFC and NFC) & each star symbolises a division (East, West, North, South)SCHOOLED!

I’d been doing well up until now to make this an “every Friday” deal to submit a blog, but from 5th September 2o12 to 3rd February 2013 marks the 2012 NFL season. I don’t have words that could ever explain how much that though following any sport up to “religion-level heights” is a dangerous thing to do. I’m not yet at that level but I have to admit that I’ve fallen into the trap of acclimatising to the “up at 1am routine” that British NFL watchers need to. When there’s “more on my plate” in my day-to-day routine, I’ll snap out of it but for where I’am at the moment in life I think that “late to bed, late to rise” attitude is currently there.

So only one week into the 2012 season and there is already a world of incident and question, and I’ve already said about “Fantasy (American) Football” so it’s nice having more on the line in order to watch those “meh games” as last Sunday and Monday served up a couple (SundaySteelers @ Broncos, Monday – Bengals @ Ravens and Chargers @ Raiders). Acclimatising to the new NFL schedule for British Television as the Sunday Night Football game has been presented by a slew of various people on Channel 4, with the “Larry Fitzgerald‘esque” Mike Carlson in the analyst’s position. But this season is special as it’s plain to see that because Channel 4 roped in Nat Coombs who presented “NFL on 5” “back in the day” that alongside the weekly podcast Coombs & Carlson present meant for an easy chemistry. Within 1 minute of the show Coombs had already presented mention of “Joey Harrington” with a reference to the oft “butt of the joke” QB formerly of the Detroit Lions. It’s easy to assume that a number of viewers watching Channel 4’s coverage may not have “got the joke” but to be honest I think that’s what I love most about this duo, “if you get it, fine. If you don’t, don’t worry as you’ll get the next one“, they had a certain “Disney Pixar – Kids & Parents” feel to them without insulting the viewer.

Lemme get this straight. Longest rivalry in the sport? Since 1921? Obama likes Da Bears? OH IT’S ON, LIKE DONKEY KONG!

Roll on the Monday Night Football and with BBC Sport in a “cost cutting exercise” simply used the ESPN (in America) feed and had it on offer on the red button. No British studio, no “on BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC News 24, BBC Parliament”, nothing but a red button and even on the ad breaks simply “fact card” info on some of the key players of the matchup, not to include an epic fail on the info. To be honest I would be angry but having “MNF” on terrestrial television is better than having to pay especially for ESPN, and to be even more honest the number of British-based NFL-knowledgeable presenters or even analysts that produce information without belittling the viewer are so miniscule. If the BBC could only produce a couple of “fact cards” and an ESPN-feed, I’m happy with that as my fantasy team loves the Baltimore D, 44-13 was nice.

So then roll on last night that just seemed to only compound my “epic fail” of a blogging as I got up at some 10pm Thursday just to grab a shower and pop to the 24 hour Asda for “supplies”. Something I was happy to do and glad I did as I got back at 12am and with another 1 hour watched all the buildup. So glad to stayed up to watch the game as the Packers D had been in question, but Clay Matthews was “The Beast”, and the rest of the defense stood up after a woeful afternoon last week to the San Francisco 49ers. I’m in a fantasy (American) football league with a 49ers fan so I heard about it a while but last night “my beloved” Pack silenced critics as yes that Bears D isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still a force.

With that said the Premier League is back in action after an international break (apparently, stupid FIFA switching matches to Friday and Tuesday?), so Manchester United at home to Wigan in a match that should never be taken lightly. More focused on the American Football but the Packers don’t play again until another 10 days (Monday 24th September) against  the Seattle Seahawks in a game people will assume a Packers win, but “To ‘assume’ makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ so don’t!” Yep… I love that saying.

YES! Even Everton supporters can put away the “hate” for “The 96”!

My final thought though… Wednesday marked the day that the Hillsborough report “came out” and it chronicles the loss of 96 lives on 15 April 1989 in the semi-final FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. It all happened at Hillsborough Stadium (hence “Hillsborough Incident”) in an incident that happened 23 years ago (as of me writing this blog) but incidents like that mean that they will never be forgotten as it shows how far “Top Flight Football” ground safety has come. A good Liverpool supporting friend I used to play “TNF – Thursday Night Football” with shared a link on my Facebook… Thanks again Tom! Gone but never forgotten to the 96! So for Liverpool’s Reserves Team to play earlier tonight (on Friday 15th September 2012) and for Michael Ngoo to reveal this message on his t-shirt. Suppose it was a good thing that this blog is a bit late as it means that I can actually document this amazing act, but the rulebook says that it doesn’t matter what’s in the message, just that removing a football shirt is a yellow card… Apparently.