It starts fun, but it gets “samey”?

This day signifies the first of a good 21 or 22 weeks of NFL action that I could not ever be sick of for it is that great a sport made even better (if that is even possible) with “fantasy (American) football“. Yes fantasy (British) football exists but it consists of at least 38 match days (per team every week besides the odd break for the League Cup, FA Cup, or International Break) that many people I know may “off the record” admit gets a bit “tedious to manage” as it’s quite repetitive. Even MLB (162 regular season, then a possible 21 game postseason, four “Best of 7” rounds), NHL (82 regular season, then a possible 28 game postseason, four “Best of 7”), and NBA (66 regular season, then a possible 28 game postseason, four “Best of 7” rounds) fantasy leagues aren’t as good as fantasy (British) football for those are way too long to edit each week. I can’t help but think that it can all take a back seat for the NFL‘s 17 weeks (16 regular season, then a possible 4 game postseason, NO “Best of 7” rounds) for it is more than enough for an exciting fantasy ride as each game really does matter.

Could the Cowboys exact revenge on the team that denied them a 2011 Postseason berth? In hindsight… Yes.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the new 2012 (/13) season as it was the Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants, a game that my friend Lee said I should go over to her rented flat with our friend Kim as the owner, erm yeah, I’m kinda proud of Kim for owning a house. So I find myself watching the first half of a rather lame game as it was 7-3 Giants and I was rooting for the Cowboys (Kyrstie’s boyfriend Matt’s team). But unfortunately with Lee being “the nice and considerate lass she is” she let me sleep at half time when I’m sorry but “wake me up gurl!“, I wake up (naturally) to a 24-17 Cowboys win. I never knew how and all I knew was that that I had Miles Austin (Cowboys #1 Wide Receiver) in my fantasy (American) football team so I needed him to play well but judging by the first half he didn’t, but by the 4th quarter I was a happy lad but I clearly didn’t watch it live, but Lee told me Austin nabbed a score but that was coupled with her having a Giants defense that gave up 3 TDs in her fantasy team so I was very happy in my 1st game of fantasy action.

This is the game… Offense (Packers) at “home” to Defense (49ers)… Come on!

This with the amazing travel (that for a first time seemed longer than it should have, was it the missed buses?) to even get to Lee’s that night as I met a man called “John” at the bus stop in Feltham. Just sitting with him at the bus stop was a crash-course revision on something that I knew but clearly forgot, that 20 minute wait taught me to basically never mention a person’s possible disability until they’re personally ready to do it themselves. “John” was just a “revisit” as I’d actually been forgetting the situation a couple of times but he approached me because of my walking stick and basically asked what was wrong with me because I had the stick, I told him. But then I asked “what’s wrong with him?” which was a rookie mistake for it was actually something I knew never to do but I simply forgot as after he reached out to my stick I just fired the question back to him but he gave me a “nothing wrong with me” reply and it hit me like a ton of bricks but yeah, fail. Well I heard from “John” that he went to Trafalgar Square to watch the paralympics coverage and that it was great as his favourite parathlete is Ellie Simmonds, after I said mine was Jonnie Peacock and it had nothing to do with the imminent T44 100m final as he won it the next day but I can admit that I rated him highly as I did write about him.

All in all it was a great night and a great morning as B&Q with Lee was funnier than I think any DIY shop should ever be, either way have a great weekend people. The end of the Paralympics on Sunday but the first Sunday of a good 20 or so of NFL action but then it’s on a Sunday that I can watch a game live at a decent time (1pm ET/6pm BST), thank you Gamepass!