Moral of the story, 16 years or not I remember it like it was yesterday so I’ll never forget or disrespect Southampton!

So what we had on Sunday 2nd September 2012 was your typical Manchester United against Southampton encounter where I’m sure a couple of United fans may think that it was an easy “3 points”. As much as people think “out of the three promoted clubs, they are an easier cannon fodder than those clubs that have stayed in the Prem from last season”, that way of thinking has to be seen as the common (unspoken) myth as more has to be put into the argument than the gulf between the Premier League and Championship, so I can’t agree. Blame me for being a guy that reads too much into each individual situation but I look over the additions and subtractions of the existing Premier League teams, past the “star name” glitz etc.

I’m sorry QPR but just by getting players like Julio Cesar and Park Ji Sung doesn’t guarantee you a Premier League ticket for the 2013/14 season as Cesar hasn’t dealt with the Premier League before as yes he is more of “a unit” (a well-built man, not as small in stature) than David De Gea, but just having international potential/experience means nearly nothing as its Premier League experience that is the winner and De Gea got that in time and so all the calls of “what is Sir Alex doing?” seemed to stop. Park Ji Sung, the man affectionately called “Three Lung Park” has apparently been called out as a player that has faded from the years of that moniker, to run endlessly and put in a good link in the middle of the park (get the joke?) is a thing of the past. To think that it doesn’t mean much anymore as United either reluctantly or not, let him go to QPR, all the best but my point with these examples is that Manchester United Football Club are one of “history, winning, success” if players aren’t “with us, they’re against us” and United see something in a future player or don’t see something in a current player and act accordingly. To think that Manchester United saw something in Robin Van Persie, I think being the top goalscorer of last season (30 – 2011/12) and clinching Professional Footballers’ Association 2011/12 as well as Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year 2011/12 may have something to do with it?

I can’t be bothered to find a picture with both Manchester United and New England Patriots so… compromise?

Another team shrouded in “history, winning, success“, well since 2001 in particular has to be the NFL team the New England Patriots, but with a team that has a certain requirement for excellence I think the people that like the NFL found it remarkable when they signed nine year veteran wide receiver (WR) of the Cincinnati Bengals Chad Johnson (at the time “Chad Ochocinco“, now back to “Chad Johnsonbut before the failed 41-day-old marriage to Evelyn Lozada, knucklehead) if the name changes is anything to go by, readers can tell what kind of attitude Chad Johnson has. “RVP” has to be seen as the “425 (85 =Johnson’s shirt number ÷ 20 = van Persie’s shirt number x 100 (it’s seriously not going to be 4.25 now!) parts water, 85 parts fruit squash” version of Chad Ocho Cinco as both at the time of joining the teams highlighted (Manchester United & New England Patriots) have to be n0ted as talented individually rarely seen in their respective leagues. This is where my heart sunk a bit because during a routine penalty attempt as “the Reds” were 2-1 down at the time and any lifeline back into the match would do, but “RVP” displayed a certain cockiness with his attempt at the spot as he tried to “dink shoot” it past an experienced Kelvin Davis… Don’t do that.

A bit like Ocho Cinco to the Patriots, it’s that certain dread that a supporter has that all we can think is “I hope that they better learn the team ethos and learn that cocky actions just won’t do, a win is more important than a bit of “showboating”“. Well nowadays Chad Johnson is a free agent, so I hope van Persie learns sooner rather than later “The Man United Way” p.s. All hail “The Patriots Way“.

Waited until MOTD2 on BBC1… YOU MUSTA SEEN THE CHEEK! Not the “United Way“.