I normally joke here, but I can’t… Amazing website!

Am I loving or hating the fact that I’ve been alive for 26 years and as much as I’ve never been able to stomach an opening or closing ceremony of a popular sporting event, I’ve kind of stopped bothering nowadays. Be it the African Cup of Nations, European Championships, World Cup, Rugby World Cup, the world league of tiddlywinks but I may have made that last one up but the fact remains that “I’m there for the sport, why do I care for some singing and dancing? I’m the man that goes to the toilet or gets another drink during the NFL Superbowl Halftime Show“.

That awkward moment when Malawi withdraw from the 2012 Paralympics, but Don’t Call It A Comeback when they hit Rio 2016!

But on Wednesday night something amazing happened for I found myself watching Channel 4 from 8pm precisely and I didn’t even think about switching the channel again until roughly fifteen-minutes past midnight. For what had happened to me in that four hours had to be either due to “my new lifestyle” or “to my lack of effort to find something good to watch”, but I chose to keep it on Channel 4 that night as the 2012 Summer Paralympics had well and truly “kickstarted” with an opening ceremony. But that’s a weird one for I generally can’t stand the opening ceremonies of sporting events if you couldn’t guess that about me, but I found myself caring more for this one. In hindsight the only metaphor I could use to relate myself to “The Superhumans” was how I found myself “in the same boat race, but in different lane and going about that race at a different pace – They’re “world record pace” while I’m going about my race as if I was “on a Sunday Jaunt”.

“Mum, Dad, meet my Man Crush… Jonnie Peacock!” I’m sorry but (in a playful pantomine way) Oscar Pistorious is boring me nowadays!

Even though with that pace being established by “The Superhumans” I couldn’t help but feel inspired and blessed to be living in the same time frame and in the age of humanity in which it currently finds itself. Would I have had these “Superhumans” a decade ago? It just means that if I were to feel down about all of “this” (DISCLAIMER:  I don’t – I’m too awesome for it to happen), these men and women are exhibiting enough day-to-day inspiration to brighten up the cloudiest day.

But ladies and gentlemen I give to you THE MOMENT I’ll forever cherish from that Paralympics opening ceremony, one woman, one name, “Martine Wright“. Yes she is “one cog” of a fully functioning machine – Not only as a member of Paralympics GB but also as a member of the sitdown volleyball team. I just connected with her story for it displayed a form of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade“, a reaction that initiated a certain exchange with interviewer and general inspiration in her own right Claire Balding, so great a reaction that I retweeted a certain exchange between the two that I found as just amazing.

My Jerry Springer’esque “Final Thought” has to be that yes Channel 4’s coverage is saturated with advert breaks, but this is their first time holding the rights to the Paralympics for the BBC had a 30 year long dominance. With that dominance means viewers have to give Channel 4 a chance, they need adverts for they’re dependent on advertising money, please stop bleating on about something that cannot be helped. My main problem had to be when Kristian Guru-Murthy had to ask “is Oscar Pistorious going to be in the opening ceremony (for South Africa)?” But someone tell Kristian that the public knew about it tiiiiiiiiiiiime ago. Short of that, the channel have employed those with disabilities, got stand up comedian Adam Hills (known leg-amputee) on a nightly magazine-show. I can’t help but think that this Paralympics is a turning point in the nations understanding of Parathletes so it’s going to unfortunately suffer from a bit of turbulence before this “plane” is righted.