“Sooners”, “Sunni’s”, I misheard!

Some crazy things have happened since I’ve started going to a gym in Northolt a couple times on the commute I heard two women on individual days (Tuesday and Thursday just gone) used the term 1. “talk to the hand”, then another one that said 2. “respect”. When a good thing is universally seen as “timeless” & “dependable” but phrases like “talk to the hand” & “respect” were never were they? Well never in this millennium anyway, but something that is awesome and will never change though it is a rarity is a good politician. Now I’ve said before that I’m not the most knowledgeable on World Affairs (I got mistaken when my friend asked which college american football organisation do I prefer, the Oklahoma Sooners or the Texas Longhorns, but with his accent I thought he said “Sunnis” as in the muslims and the “Shias” with those varying religious beliefs but it turned out I don’t know much about geography as include how I thought about the Palestinian & Israeli Conflict somehow.

It took a red card, a red card by ‘the book of rules’ but unfortunately that’s modern-day professional football for ya. Rather a red card to highlight the danger of future tackles, than an “Eduardo incident“.

Well this all had to be the Sunday I went over to Tom’s to watch the Community Shield; but to be honest at 11 vs 11 I would say Chelsea were 50/50 vs Man City in my opinion but seen as 55/45 in Tom’s, but I think he was bias. Next thing I know his dad comes into the living room and says how he was just in the garden and how Vincent Cable was in the neighbourhood asking if anyone had anything they wanted him to discuss at the next big-wig meeting in order to benefit the community. I don’t know about many MP’s that do “real life things” without coming across as rather “fake” but then I just think back to when I was a kid and even at twelve-years old I remember how local Vince Cable (great lil’ bio) has been to his Twickenham-constituency as even those garden placards of support would spout out every General Election. How people seem to like the idea of Liberal Democrats in their towns, but not for their country, aww well, this Conservative-Liberal Democrats coalition government (ConDem Government) is a step in the wrong direction I’m sure. Vincent Cable is the Secretary of State for Business he also did the “caretaker role” for the party while the party were on the search for Nick Clegg, so who knows?

All I know is that the number of constants in life are small, but for nearly twenty-years I’ve noticed Vincent Cable as a constant which is nice in a world of un-constant-ness? Not a real word, don’t correct me.