#How sweet it is to have the sight of you!

As we all (should) know by now that I’m the worst kind of Englishman for I appreciate American Football more than Football, to be more particular that’s the NFL more than the Premier League. I don’t know if it was the “always being chosen close to last in junior schoolbut it could be because I appreciate a sport in which it encourages people of different sizes and shapes, because American Football has this distinction it tends to make Football is the epitome of “samey” to me. Lets ignore the chip on my shoulder for a moment and let me continue my point that it’s the NFL Preseason (5th August) in a game between my mate Gord’s favourite team (Cardinals) and “the dream-turned-nightmare stories of the 21st century of NFL” (Saints). It doesn’t matter if I prefer American Football to Football as I think any sports fan can relate whenever the favourite sport in question is on a “seasonal hiatus” and so the favourite suggestion is “substitution of sport/activity”.

Pick a team, any team. But it SHOULD be the third one from the top of the fourth column IF you ask me. GO PACK GO!

Here’s my story as yes the 2011 NFL season ran between 8th September 2011 and ended on 5th February 2012 at Superbowl XLVI (46) after a sad end for the Patriots in something I slept through but rushed to catch up on the following morning on iPlayer, but sue me. So then came the last three months of the 2011/12 Premier League season in which I’d kept up to date with as I watched the NFL but that Premier League season turned out griping as Mercenary City obtained their first league title in 44 years as I refuse to say they “won it” as I believe Manchester United lost it. Then came the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine as to be honest I love every two years (Since 2000: Euro 2000, World Cup 2002, Euro 2004, World Cup 2006, Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, Euro 2012) it means the sports fan in us get to watch “top-flight professional” summer football, but that was between 8th June and 1st July. Then came the Olympics in something I said I’d shied away from but in order to help a friend and for £20 I’d of been foolish to say no but even the Olympics concludes in 2 days (Sunday 12th August 2012) but even the return of NFL pre-season (not even fully-fledged as the positional battles take place in the team so if a team with 4 QB’s get to play a quarter each as only the 4th pre-season game tends to be the one that the positional winner is given 2 quarters – or a half of the game, depends how you look at it). This means for a disjointed and forgettable game as the football equivalent has to be an “England Men’s International Football Teams friendly match” as a win-draw-loss don’t mean much.

But the 2012 NFL season starts on 5th September 2012 and ends with Superbowl XLVII (47) on 3rd February in a game that Gord may even be in attendance for but I think that’s still a question mark, but still. Either way the pre-season is here, watched USA vs. Japan in the final of the Womens Olympic Football Gold Medal Final – USA gold, Japan silver, Canada bronze (earlier in the day up in Coventry it was Canada vs. France) as an appetiser of my main course, the Packers @ Chargers, this will be fun!