“Don’t make me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry, and I’ve seen Geordie Shore”.

I know I can be painstakingly positive about everything to the point that some people have to question do I ever have a “bad side“? I think three groups will have known about it by the end of this blog but as it stands the title of “People that know Alexs Mini Hulk Rage” have to be my family, my girlfriends, and whoever chooses to read this entry. Though my Tuesday could be seen as “for the diary” sort of material, I’m writing it as a blog-entry to exhibit that I’m still human and that though I try to see the bright-side in most things it’s impossible to see it in everything.

It all started with the epic-fail of having to go to a Heritage 2 Health meeting that Tuesday in Dorking but due to the lack of driving so to meet up at Tooting Bec with a couple at the tube station and hitch a ride. Turns out I messed up my house-leaving time and I was on the delayed bus so as it approached the station on the other side of the barriers of this picture down I asked the driver if I could be let off early as a jam was forming (if you’ve been to Hampton, you know what I’m on about). So then I ran for the train and though I’m able to run, it wasn’t graceful and I fell into the wired fence to the right of the path on the opposite side of the road of my old Junior School. I don’t know if it was the rugby/American Football background but just sprang back up and shrugged it off. Missed the train by a whisker, but then I got a phone call asking where about I was on the journey I was, turned out we were meant to meet for 12pm not 2pm as the meeting in Dorking started at 2pm until 4pm so at 12:30pm it wasn’t going to happen so I decided to give up on the idea and just go home and try and change my new trainers in Kingston as it was rubbing  the wrong way on my left foot. Only on the bus ride home did I realise on the tumble outside Hampton Junior School to catch the train that I’d lost my watch, got the trainers so on the bus back to the train station I thought I’d try my best to find my watch, only 20 or 30 minutes later it was long gone. Cue the trainer shop saying that the condition of the trainers were too dirty, the state of my bedroom? Turns out it’s just the make up of my left foot but so the downward spiral of my day was complete as I just couldn’t see any positive from any of it.

I suppose the only thing I can take from it all is that everyone has their problems and then I saw Invictus on the Wednesday and how it highlighted that even Nelson Mandela though walked and talked like a saint was still a man with family-issues as we’re all still human with human problems. Just one of those things I suppose.