How many even think about it being a World War II slogan outside of it's elapsed time in copy-write law? - Image
How many even think about it being a World War II slogan outside of it’s elapsed time in copy-write law? – Image

Well this is my first blog post with any “realism” to it, I live my life (like a boss) but I agree that most of my submissions can be seen as “superficial” or topical about sport, television, music etc. But for my first ever “real” blog it’s going to be a great one, mainly because I don’t think I’m alone in this one and it’s “the elephant in the room“. Truth be told I think no better example was that of Tuesday as I went to the Kingston HMV as I was going into the Kingston O2 – the one inside the Bentall Centre, it had nothing to do with the faulty service O2 were experiencing (my friends clearly don’t love me). Well after my issue I popped into that HMV at about 4:30pm so the schools were well & truly out so can you visualise that group at secondary school that aren’t going to get into a fight but still come across as quite intimidating nonetheless. About five of them crowded around the headphones/technology section and I just walked by and it could be me being the paranoid so-and-so my friends see me as, but in walking by I wasn’t trying to impress but just trying not to look as helpless as people may think I’am as I’ve even gone as far wearing t-shirts like this one as I’d rather be seen as a *&$^”£ than “helpless”. So to just check the uniform of a carefree-lad? 1. head-up, 2. Red Sox cap tilted, 3. a bit of a pimpesque “swagger” in my step, it was all working well as I “bowled” over to the games section. In retrospect what followed doesn’t feel so bad or as big a crime mainly as I probably had as much “swagger” as Dot Cotton on a Wednesday Dayshift in the launderette, but basically they all spontaneously yelped in a fit of laughter. I simply took that moment a bit too personally but to be honest I think it was a “heat of the moment” thing but in that moment in particular I couldn’t get my head around it as all I did was walk by with an eye-patch and a walking stick, could kids be so mean, then again coulda all been coincidence? Not a blog post if so, I have already written about John Terry and The Newsroom earlier this week.

In all actuality… RIOT!

But that leads amazingly to my point, too often in society “we” care too much at what people think and to be honest it’s adding an unnecessary stress which means that “you” can’t be as happy as “you” should be. I went with my family to Argos in Feltham last Saturday and while they bought a new fridge (snore) I saw on display a 32″ flat screen television, but I had that horrible feeling that is ever so clichéd but when people get “long in the tooth” and start saying “I remember in my day, it was all the rage and was seen as oversized, but now it could now be seen as a bedroom television“. But there lies my point, what people think is often the order of the day when it shouldn’t be as people would only act a certain way or possess something so they can be seen as “cool”, but isn’t not caring what people think just as cool? That certain “keeping calm and carrying on” aspect of their day-to-day, seriously stopping that joke now.

This whole experience personally means to me “stop caring so hard what people think and unless it’s hurting anyone directly, I really shouldn’t“. People generally shouldn’t let the little things matter and I’m not saying “don’t ever think or worry” but it’s like how that reggae song goes. Blame my dad, was listening to a reggae album for 1hr and 30mins into the City of London as well as the 1hr and 30mins back from it, catchy all the same though!