That awkward moment when you can only find a U.S. poster for ‘The Newsroom’ but it’s 01:37 on 11/07/12 so EFFORT!

I briefly mentioned the American premiere of Aaron Sorkin‘s newsroom-based drama… Erm… ‘The Newsroom‘ (third paragraph) and though I’m sure I could have watched it before that premiere (24/06/12) I thought to myself what was an extra couple of weeks (10/06/12) in the wait? In finally watching it I found out that a couple of extra actors beside Jeff Daniels (Dumb & Dumber, Speed) had already received my appreciation so their inclusion only “added fuel to the fire of anticipation already burning” (Emily Mortimer – The 51st StateHarry Brown, HugoSam Waterston – Law & OrderAlison Pill  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Milk, Goon; Dev Patel – Skins, Slumdog Millionaire, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel). Another thing I mentioned in that past blog was how I think the modern-world is spinning too fast for a Aaron Sorkin production in the present-day, this society finds itself “in the era of WiFi, microwaves, and power naps“. With this being my opinion I simply don’t think most of it could grasp the appreciation needed for ‘The Newsroom’, I believe “the best review is a personal review” and though those “professional reviews” continue not to be too flattering. I still gave it a chance and I’m ever so glad I did as though the transfer from “ditzy, thoughtless-though-thoughtful room-mate U.S. Comedy New Girl (9pm – Double episodes on E4) was needed as after a good 2 or 3 months it returned to U.K. television (hallelujah!) but to transfer to an Aaron Sorkin Production, “from MTV to The History Channel” not that The Newsroom isn’t lighthearted but it’s not meant to be a comedy, from that beginning scene of a “college Q&A” just amazing!

I just think though people can see it as “it’s trying to duplicate what a newsroom is all about“, people may just take that away from it and so it may spawn blogs and opinions saying it’s nothing like one, but I don’t think it’s trying to be. Instead look at it as it’s replicating the politicking and decision-making that goes into a newsroom and I like how there is a certain reliance on sources and to carefully question someone in an interview are in the episode and though I already guessed the sexual-history of the two main characters. I’m still ever so intrigued with everything else around that obvious storyline in the first episode and those things seem to have strapped me into this roller-coaster. I find it sad as things like this provoke thought and vision but instead Geordie Shore seems the order of the day and though in drips that’s fine, it’s the argument “though the Internet could be an amazing thing, lets watch a squirrel water skiing“. Alas ey? p.s. Bought ‘The Social Network‘ earlier today, this man-crush on Aaron Sorkin is clearly real then?