So… I’m not in a black suit or a white suit, but a GREY SUIT! It’s funny for that’s what I’m hoping that’s how the court will see my case and all is forgiven & forgotten (Picture: AP)

Monday 9th July 2012 marks the trial date of John Terry’s… Trial. He is on trial for suspected racism against one Anton Ferdinand on 23rd October 2011 in the QPR vs. Chelsea clash at Loftus Road, where though QPR went on to win 1-0 the eventual scoreline was immediately overshadowed. The Guardian followed up the “in’s & out’s” in the coming days but to specifically bring to your attention an article on Wednesday 26th October as they went on to get footage of the dialogue, the buildup, the incident, the dressing room, the aftermath, the investigation *deep breath*. Now this may be where I may lose some “Chelsea points” (But I’m not a Chelsea supporter, but I’m the definition of the “non-partisan“, typical, football supporter) but people need to read the full extent of John Terry’s upbringing that’s turned him into such a “character”. Though I’m sure there are a couple of citations needed and that there is a certain feel of “bias opinion”, but I can’t help but feel like it leads perfectly to readers of this blog to get an idea of the public view of “John George Terry“, so bad is the public opinion that even Terry’s legal team contemplated a “bad character application”. I’m not saying John Terry is a saint but like any person ever on the planet Earth they deserve an opinion and  to be able to voice said opinion but even though it may not be for a favourable act but it still deserves to be heard and those listening owe it to themselves and others to be clued up enough to agree or disagree. There was that Channel 4 documentary ‘Keith Allen Meets Nick Griffin‘ and I wrote the same thing on the Radio Times review but they ended up deleting the comment, so there has to be a certain level of irony in that act. John Terry admitted to saying “F****** black c***” so though the initial reaction is that Terry is a racist, I don’t think he is and I refuse to label him as one. I think it proves that Terry’s worse than a racist, John George Terry has proven to be ignorant. Ignorance isn’t as terrible thing as people think as I adopt it in certain places in my life much but I’m sure many other people do in their day-to-day lives, for I think the shared one has to be loud music or smelly foods on a bus, train, or tube. “We” could say something but instead the default British reaction seems to be to say nothing and ignore it as if nothing’s going out of fear of confrontation or the stress of having “to get into it” as we say to ourselves “what’s a couple of stops?“. John Terry said in a statement “Whilst footballers are used to industrial language, using racist terms is completely unacceptable whatever [the] situation“, so he came out with that statement so why on earth did he find himself where he did? Sometimes ignorance is bliss but other times it’s a dangerous thing as George W. Bush has to be the best example.

At the end of the day “J.T.” will now get a poultry fine and governed football has shown yet again that “the game of football is more important than justice”. The time it will take Terry to work off the fine is just hilarious, but along the lines of one of those “politicians expenses scandal” level jokes, read it, hilarious.

Nice to know Anton found the comments only hurtful!