Yep… Nearly ten years strong. You wish you “rolled” with me ‘Four Year Strong

I remember where I was and I remember when I first came up with the idea for a username that would be my “online identity” in everything I did… Online. To hear that people have certain usernames as if to either hide something or to deliberately troll has never been a trait of mine to the point that I swore to myself that unless the username was already taken odds are it was going to be ‘MuseLuver’. In that belief that lasted since an online game used to play at college that asked users to adopt a fictional pet, give it a name, pet it, feed it, give it exercise, all the things a real pet demands, that site was NeoPets. An online game that had long been forgotten but thanks to one nurse during my stay at the 5-star Wolfson she reintroduced me to it, donness (Female Don).

It all came flooding back to me the times I’ve sworn to never have tattoos but to show my love for Muse at the height of my appreciation I would have. How originally that name was a nod for the love I had for newly released (well to a mainstream audience) British band Muse as their music really spoke to me and to think that 2 or 3 years before that Autumn ’02 I never knew a jot about them but that’s what I liked about them, that they came from humble beginnings as they hail from Teignmouth, Devon after all. That lead singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy‘s dad was in a 60s band ‘The Tornadoes‘ the list of pointless Muse-Trivia continued, as a mark or other person going for the obvious name of ‘MuseLover’ or my ongoing test to be unique, but ‘Luver’ was born and thus began the beginning of an automatic screen name that will ever so rarely be used and that just helped somewhat.

Fast forward the soon to be 10-year anniversary of ‘MuseLuver’ (Autumn ’12) and I look at the popular UK band and just think whatever it was that I fell in love with has well and truly died since. If I were to get that tattoo that I said was the closest I’d ever get to one, this is about the time I’d be regretting it as that love has gone, after listening to their new “Official Song” for the London 2012 Olympics and I can’t help but think “it has nothing to do with the Olympics” and sounds like “just another Muse song”.

I keep telling everyone that I mean “an angel of God, a serendipitous form of inspiration”, that’s what the band most likely named itself after so whichever as I’m just not loving the band much any more… Just listen to it.

Laser-surgery indeed!