One thing this whole situation has taught me is that “everything happens for a reason”, well I won’t let my life have no control but I do think that certain times with certain places and situations are simply uncontrollable. For example’s sake I was a patient at The Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Centre for three months (Jan ’11-Apr ’11), in those three months Theresa Nash representing ‘Heritage 2 Health’ happened to come in to get a couple of patients for that trial walk up Leith Hill. There I got involved with future events, fast forward one-year and H2H had one in particular at Marble Hill & Ham House that I may have alluded to and how doing things with the organisation help those that may not have had a voice or lacking something to do that Saturday. This gave me and hopefully them a certain level of fulfilment and so on the way back from doing said awesome event I walked through Marble Hill Park and bumped into a man that I have über respect for and like Santa Claus or the Loch Ness Monster I knew which area to have bumped into him, but I couldn’t have predicted the exact park at the exact time at that exact date.

Not as racist (or racy) as Panorama made out. England Supporters even had a laugh at Sol’s comments!

One thing I did find out in my week and in my reading of my last blog, I never mentioned England’s group matches vs. France, Sweden or Ukraine.  By the time of that weekly ritual of a Friday post I could have written about England’s impending Quarter-Final match with Italy, a match that my dear friend Lisa must have been dreading as to be born in England, but to have family on her father’s side from Italy but even before that match there was Italy in the group stages with Ireland and how it doesn’t help she has family on her mother’s side from there. The expression “Out of the frying pan and into the fire” was all I could think of when mentioning Lisa’s dilemma as it only reminded me of England’s group stage clash at the 2002 (Football) World Cup. Well either way England took Italy to penalties in the example of “we’re not as tactically good as them so besides some luck or a one-off i.e. Chelsea in the Champions League, this has penalties written all over it”. England took them to penalties but it’s a shame how the team lost 4-2 on them but not before Andrea Pirlo’s cheeky penalty kick, and fast forward four-days to only Wednesday 27th June and Spain’s Sergio Ramos did the same thing vs. Portugal. I can’t help but think that form of penalty kick should be outlawed as it disrespects the opposition goalkeeper, the sport, and generally the taker if they miss. Well either way the other semi-final is tonight as I began writing this sentence is between said Italy and Germany, a Green Bay Packers player I talk with on Twitter (don) seems to have adopted Germany as his Euro team as USA failed to qualify for it (messing about). So out of the 3 remaining teams (Spain, Italy, and Germany) I think I have to go for Germany as Spain – The favourite but I’m more “The Underdog”, Italy – Beat England and only runner-up to England in the case of “perennial quarter-finalist but boring as heck”, Germany – Though it seems everyone loathes ze Germans, let it go, and at the 2010 World Cup England were likely to lose before that referee “epic failed”.

“NEWS JUST IN: I’m awesome”

Well either way another thing happened, that would be the U.S. premiere of Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom‘ on Sunday (24/6/2012) and my initial reaction to all of the general flack it was attracting I posted on the Radio Times review which was only more flack. The sad fact is the world has sped up, Sorkin is a slow & methodical scriptwriter and people just don’t have the time to wait for that amazing volcanic-like eruption of dialogue and intrigue. Well still going to watch it on Tuesday 10th July as though it’s already been panned it deserves a peek and that’s what I do, and it has Jeff Daniels in it, that man is awesome.

Well the weekend is fast approaching and that means the Euro 2012 Final between Spain and confirmed recently, Italy. What better excuse to play Football Manager Handheld 2012 at a friend’s BBQ. Either that or play the new Linkin Park album which is seriously awesome, welcome back Linkin Park!