When “you” slip in the shower and “you’re” not in prison… AWKWARD!

As much as I’m one for sports superstition I don’t allow it to leak into my “day-to-day life”, as I’m more a “dumb-luck or coincidence” kind of man, but I can’t lie that I’m a firm believer in Karma which means just focus on being the best person any human can be and the world will take care of itself. With that said I couldn’t help the fact that I found myself waking up on that Tuesday morning in a foul mood as I was meant to call the G.P. to make a doctors appointment but it doesn’t help that I had an already naff memory before all of this so now I really have to try to remember things as it is seriously affected now and meaning to call the clinic on Monday so to forgot to do it until 9:00am this time around wasn’t great. The office opened at 8:30am so to hear at 9am “we have no bookings left for your doctor but we can supply another doctor” I could only say that I would try again the next morning (Wednesday 13th) but in retrospect to state I overslept so I suppose I mean Thursday. I had that morning shower that Tuesday but a routine act threw a curve-ball as I ended up slipping in the bath in an act that brought down the shower curtain meaning a replacement had to be bought and it all just equalled for the beginning of a rubbish day that I wish could be written off before it had even started.

Arranged with people from Heritage 2 Health (in particular the ‘Fan-Making organising group’ of Michelle, Kirsty, and myself) to meet in Tooting to go to an arts and crafts shop around the corner from Tooting Bec Tube Station as both were familiar of this shop and I basically “piggybacked” the trip as simply didn’t want to miss out on any of the planning and organising or anything. We met up in an internet/juice bar called YoGo as Michelle brought her awesome daughter Josie (I mentioned Josie & The Pussycats, it was lost on her, her loss). We popped over to get the supplies needed for the event on the 23rd June and so I just couldn’t keep in the level of excitement I had as to be honest that before “all of this” I may have “coasted responsibility” and this event is “a step in the right direction” as to be honest everyone needs to find something to be responsible for.

A horrid start to the day began a great bother but even the weather got better as it has to be true when “they say” that British weather can be a reflection of one’s attitude because though it won this round soon enough there was a real turnaround as from rain & general gloom Tuesday it turned to a nice sunny “in need of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream” Wednesday. Let the good times roll!

p.s. Found this while blogging… Hmm, surreal, that’s me!