Soooooooooo, we’re both Causasian… That’s great news for us!


It’s one of those sad moments that only “kicks you when you’re down”, “only confirms the sad truth”, “turns you further into a man that is apathetic about a serious matter”. Once upon a time the love & passion I had for football was there and could never be ignored but I’m sure you’re all bored of me stating my dying love but then again I’m bored of FIFA & UEFA doing nothing about this constant problem, to the point that even one footballer in particular “of African descent” I had every reason to loathe can come out with “brash comments” about what would happen if he was subjected to racism while at the Euro’s but because of the severity of the matter I’m applauding a man that if serious deserves to be thrown in prison and to have the key thrown away.

UEFA keep saying they’re permitting matches to be abandoned if there’s racist chanting, unfortunately as severe and as dramatic an action that sounds, I thoroughly doubt that UEFA have the “testicular fortitude” to deliver. UEFA have shown time and time again that they are the stereotypical “Mayfair living parents to a brat of a baby” as the threats are just empty and to be honest I’m done caring anymore as no event unless something big like a death will give UEFA the kick up the backside it thoroughly needs. The Holland team’s open training “The final straw the broke the camel’s back” and by the way I’m the camel and “this event” is the straw, and my level of caring is the fracture in the back, do you follow? You do? Great! We’re within 2 hours until the kickoff between Poland and Greece so we’ll see if anything will be a “game-changer”, no pun intended!

True story, lets not tar two whole countries for the reaction of a brain-dead few ey?