I even mentioned to my friend Lisa before we went to the gym in Northolt on Wednesday, how this will first and foremost be a post to admit how I don’t think I’m special and in writing these out I hope readers know this. I just hope readers could learn from it for they could think “reading is fun”. Even if people don’t learn from it then I think writing this blog is rather therapeutic and nice to look back on and have a “what do you know, that was my reaction?” type of reaction, but I might have to scale back on the media as a blog a day, if people read this then it is anyone’s guess. But maybe its a way of “testing the water” for “online reaction” though I’m not sure  of it as I don’t know if this is a form of polluting the internet as my opinion doesn’t overly matter, but I hope that’s not the case.

When “you” have a self-imposed exile due to a fit of jealousy, fast-forward 3 years, and things have chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanged!

First up was that on the 2nd June (as much as the media wants people to note it down as ‘June 2’, I’m English so I won’t) before as much as I had a quiet day of just popping out to my friend Holly’s with our mutual-friend Lisa. Before popping out for the afternoon I caught The Gadget Show that morning but for the longest time before all of “this” I chose not to for I have been known to get jealous of the Gadgets shown. Fast-forward the two or three years since the last time I watched an episode of it but all I could think was that some of “the kit” on that show has been amazing but I don’t know if it still is as after “this event” my opinion just seemed to change. I was sat watching The Gadget Show (this ep in particular) and just thought to myself what was “the point” of any of the gadgets shown on it and why was I ever jealous of any of them, so much was my reaction I even tweeted about it as my priorities have just changed. Watching this competition actually got boring so I chose that time in the episode to go and “make a cuppa”, I just don’t see the point of even winning all of that as I’d probably only use 10% of it as 90% would find itself on eBay or Amazon and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking like this when seeing that “you’d” won.

I’m a firm believer of “don’t rain on everyone’s parade”, it’s “not my cuppa tea” so if people enjoyed it, good for them, that’s-that. *No sarcasm-detected*

Next up was the sad news that I had a plan to meet up with a friend in publishing that has chosen to help me with my book as a bit of an edit and it should be ready to go but to have this idea that I like to plan things the day before the event so I can sleep easy and just  not feel rushed as at the moment I need this attitude now more than ever. I talked it through with my mum as it’s more for me to confirm it’s not a stupid plan but I suppose the “don’t worry for me” message to my mum is in there unexpectedly but it does what it does so unfortunately for myself and my friend Gord, organising things turned out a bit it’s a bit slow so I ended up assuming 2pm on Jubilee Monday, but that quickly becomes 4pm and so I run it past my mum like I said I do but I got back from my mum “what was the point of organising anything?” and I just responded “in my opinion it’s better to organise something and then for it to fall apart instead of having no plan at all”.

That 2pm to 4pm switch meant that I could go with friends to Osterley Park for a Jubilee Picnic afterall, doesn’t help that the weather was rubbish but that group got a Union Flag Gazebo that group were asked by those that worked for the National Trust ran park to take it down. As much as I respect the work of the National Trust I just couldn’t help but think “really guys? Its a gazebo not an open fire” but as the stories of “rural-life vs. urban-life” ignited in our group as the talk of “people on National Park nature walks being told to not use branches longer than the length of the human arm between their elbow and their wrist, urban-life says “stupid” but rural-life says “nature’s creatures need those long branches as well as short ones” as I’m scared I know that.

That awkward moment when “your” favourite song on the album is the one that gets G.P. in trouble.

And that’s a great segway (Diamond Jubilee – Nationality – Political Correctness) for bring on talk for best example of the planet’s crusade about Political Correctness (PC) and maybe going a bit overboard. Mainly due to the reaction by some after how “tapioca-bland” actress Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted a picture of herself on-stage with Jay Z & Kanye West (Rap supergroup The Throne) while a gig in France happened and how the duo’s song ‘Ni**as In Paris‘ spurred Paltrow’s caption to the picture to read “Ni**as in paris for real @mrteriusnash (the dream) tyty, beehigh” but I can’t help but think “tame” as the only people questioning the caption are people that aren’t “of African decent” so “where’s the beef?”. To think that “this” event has made me contemplate stand-up comedy like never before as I’ve never really had anything to joke about before this but it has to be seen as a way of coping with it but I can’t help but I can’t help but think that unless people have directly suffered a stroke then I don’t care if those people get offended as yes people could get offended but don’t get offended on their behalf as to be honest it’s not “your problem”.

Most things really do change, but some things really do stay the same don’t they?