Hopefully not “eventful” for more than the one reason yaknow?

This may be one of the greatest Panorama‘s in recent time but that may well be a lie and an overstatement but it did tick the boxes which are needed to grab my attention whenever watching Panorama because I don’t want to bad mouth the work or journalism put into each edition of the long-running BBC documentary series for a second but facts are the facts. The sad fact is that my attention span is limited and the things that grab said attention are even more limited but not to say that it can’t be done but all I mean to say is that it is rare that I find something in an episode of Panorama that I find interesting for as much as I strive to know a bit about everything, I can’t and I doubt that any person can admit to knowing everything. With Panorama it highlighted the racism and behaviour of “the locals” of the countries hosting this year’s European Championship, Poland and the Ukraine in a joint-host nation role of “Europe’s own football World Cup” so this hosting malarky better be a good idea by both FIFA and Poland & Ukraine as I don’t know how to say it but if I wasn’t already hesitant of travelling overseas for a football fixture after watching “Euro 2012: Stadiums of Hate” I’ve well and truly been put off doing so now and in particular this scene.

Someone get Dan Walker on ‘Jeremy Kyle’ because I want a “cheap and cheerful” DNA Test to check if he’s a Vulcan (Spock’s race in Star Trek) as that “man” did a “Vulcan Mind Meld” and clearly went on to read my fudgin’ mind Monday night!

No disrespect to Panorama but the whole edition was amazingly summarized by ‘Football Focus‘ presenter and all-round “don” of a man Dan Walker through his Twitter account shortly following the edition of Panorama in something that I can only assume was overlooked by the majority that chose to watch it. I think that is the downfall of ‘Panorama’ and the Internet in general as sometimes people can’t realise that of course it is “the worst” that is highlighted because it’s “the worst” that people are there to watch but the true question is how often will “the worst” happen, as fact is under what conditions will it be allowed to even happen as unfortunately being in the country in the month of June will mean heightened security, concentrated security, the specialised conditions of the country in said month as it may deter those that may otherwise have a chance of the same thing during a domestic match. I think what I will take away from Dan Walker that night in particular was this tweet as it is true and only highlights that people will generally highlight the bad issues that either sell papers or get people watching the news but it doesn’t mean that it is a definite outlook for the upcoming event, it was a view followed by this tweet and I even tweeted him a response on his stance of the whole thing. All in all I just think that though Sol Campbell (something I tweeted about with his reaction) has every right to his reservations of fans even bothering to go and follow England to Poland & the Ukraine this Summer (I think it’s more directed to England supporters from an ethnic background but either/or) I can’t help but think “I have other things I could spend at least £1000 on” so I’ll watch it with friends & family in an act that would be more than enough as even if I had never suffered the stroke but fact is that I did and I have to be a bit more “selective” with my “aeronautical travel“. All this same it bought this tweet out of me as football is the only European sport that seems to find itself in the dark ages when people discuss sexism, racism, and the equality of rules. Well either way Gary “G.Nev” Neville has already voiced (not for the first time, human-highlight reel of the gab) his displeasure of the fan support upon England qualifying for major tournaments, either way don’t worry “G.Nev” as I’ve never said England will go too deep into each tournament. *excuse the bleakness but 1966… REALLY?!?!?!?!*