If Sky are all “Believe in Better”, then how come to do a routine check over a faulty set-top box costs £60? “Better” seems a bit of a con!

It’s sad to admit it but in our family home it feels like being back in the dark ages and I know people will think that I’m overreacting but facts are facts that from depending on something to then flip to an existence without said item is never easy as though doable it is still not at all easy to do to the point that you fellow-reader find me “at the beginning of it all” as I’m sat inside the Starbucks in Richmond but the one next to the Santander, not the one opposite the train station. I made a promise to myself and that promise was to submit a blog entry every Friday so as much as this post started on the Wednesday (23rd May) I hope of internet back in the house by Friday nonetheless (coincidence, be’ave the eagerness of my blogging coincides with Sky “pulling their finger out”). It’s one of those “the phone outlet and the power outlet aren’t next to eachother in our living room so with a bit of wire work and not theMan on Wire” way means that my uncle/my mum’s brother unfortunately tripped on the wire and at the plug of the power supply said wire snapped and though I thought “my friend Dan could quickly solder it” that was further from the truth as apparently it could start a fire if not done properly as the wire came undone at the crucial part of the plug with relays blah-blah-blah, I would love the internet back but not enough to potentially start a fire. I suppose God works in crazy ways as the set-top box to our Sky Television has been working funny for a while now as we can’t record or anything and my mum was all “I’m not paying a maintenance charge” in an act that is just horrible anyway as we’re paying for the service as a whole so isn’t that enough? That Rupert Murdoch isn’t out to make friends.

When you love a programme for four years after you first watched it after your first day of work but you’ve left that job since. Had another job since then, then had a stroke and have even gone on to write a book… I digress from my point. My point is that a lot has happened since that faithful Sunday afternoon but I still love that programme in a sense I’ve not had since Friends ended in ’04!

In this time of internet darkness I’ve found myself watching a bit more television than I’ve been known to and so I stumbled across my favourite US sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ and more specifically Season 2, Episode 4 called ‘Ted Mosby: Architect‘ in an episode where main character Ted has his first argument with his girlfriend Robin and she admits to their mutual friend Lily that she doesn’t know how to deal with a boyfriend’s “how was work?” part of the day as she’s used to being single so when the bad times get repetitive, Lily suggests she “practice the alphabet backwards“, “in case [she gets] pulled over for a DUI“, that sounds fair enough. But then it had me thinking about citizenship tests and how they can be seen as unfair as I’m sure most UK Nationals don’t know the answers themselves. Both are acts of testing people to the extreme but how can it be seen as ok if even in the natural cases where someone is “as sober as a vicar/nun” how can they recite the alphabet backwards? When living in the UK all their lives with no other place seen as home to be able to answer those citizenship questions in an act that only seems to highlight how much a person loves a country more than most nationals do and makes the BNP look silly really. I know their argument is “British Nationals first” but I think like how I was about the “Same Sex Marriage Issue” maybe it’s one of those “I see the argument, but is there a compromise? Yes British Nationals but No to ‘whites’!”.

*In a Star Trek voice* “Damn it Jim I’m a sports follower, not a world affairs follower”. Well either way these tests are most likely only put there to “weed out the weak” so I need to curb my enthusiasm.