So this is what I’ve been resorted to on the eve of “regular service”, I’ve drafted that blog while I was in Starbucks yesterday so this one is on my phone, the pictures and a bit of editing came during a trip to said Starbucks later in the day but for the time being this phone has the WordPress app so lets try it out!

True story, a couple of reps came into my primary school when I was 7 or 8 years old… I’ve never looked back.

Basically put this Saturday marks the Aviva Premiership Final between Harlequins & Leicester Tigers, after the 25-23 Quins win over 4th place Northampton and then the 24-15 Tigers win over 3rd place Saracens. That means a Premiership Final between 1st (Quins) and 2nd (Tigers), but only back in December Quins were undefeated unfortunately losing that distinction against fierce London rival Saracens at Big Game 4 at Twickenham Stadium but subsequently losing just another 3 times in 2012. Then to think that back on 12 April 2009 in the Heineken Cup Match against Irish side Leinster marked the “Bloodgate” incident in which subsequently meant a three year ban for then-director of rugby Dean Richards, the same Dean Richards that overlooked the turn around of relegation the Harlequins had to bare back at the end of the 2004/05 season. To then mention the false hope that came to the club after they won the inaugural Challenge Cup (Rugby Union’s equivalent of the UEFA Cup/Europa League) in 2001 and then again in 2004.

With such promise how could a rugby club have spawned so much adversity for itself for it is the same club that produced “rugby legends” like Will Carling, Keith Wood & Jason Leonard and that is but to name a few. I have been seen as a “fair weather fan” or “not a true fan” but I can’t help but just think as much again that no better example of how sport is a microcosm of life for to ask any rugby club let alone person to overcome adversity but true to the “Mighty Quins” way when in a corner they subsequently fought out of it, just the tonic or any person needs. The Quins did that without a second thought and this weekend marks an era and a club that even if they lose will always have my respect and for that I will never be any more happy if they win, to a “crackin’ final day” ey?