So this was the best ever season in Premier League history… Until next season then yeah?

So where were we in this story of the Premier League before that faithful last day of the season? Mercenary Shibby won the league in the end; Tottenham were able to do enough to join them, Manchester United and Arsenal in the 2012/13 Champions League by finishing 4th in the league; Newcastle, Chelsea and Everton made 5th, 6th and 7th to have those Europa League places but then for that drop down the final table to 18th, 19th and 20th in that relegation battle in which Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves filled those spots respectively. That’s basically the last chapter of the “2011/12 Barclays Premier League story book”, but people on this planet don’t watch football to “skip to the end“, “the journey is the destination” so to watch some of those events in between as I eluded to in last week’s blog. After the dust settled Manchester United basically lost the 2011/12 Premier League title as I refuse to write or ever mention that City won it because if it was based solely on head-to-head results then yes City beat United twice.

Manchester United played Mercenary Shibby four times in the 2011/12 season, first up was the FA Community Shield match at Wembley Stadium on the 7th August in a match United won 23; next up was the Premier League 16 home loss on 23rd October 2011 and that was a match I will never forget… mainly because it was a match that coincided with my first sporting passion at “the home of English Football” and yes my adopted NFL team for the evening (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) lost to the Chicago Bears 24-18 as it was a game I was fortunate enough to go to as it marked the 2nd time in the 5 times the NFL annually hold regular season matches at Wembley Stadium; the next match was the 23 away win in the FA Cup Third Round tie in a match that City had their captain Vincent Kompany sent off so maybe that had a big part to play; the last match was United losing 10 in the reverse fixture of that 16 beating. So records has it as City won two and United won two but Mercenary Shibby won their two in the league but that meant at least a six point lead in the title race, but it didn’t as it all boiled down to an eight goal difference between the two teams as both finished on 89 points so that sucked as more United lost it than City winning it.

I actually have friends that have flown out to watch them. THAT’S devotion. Not my level of devotion but devotion none the less!

Well long story short the 2011/12 football season ends in the age old tradition of the Champions League Final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich in a match that reunites Munich winger Arjen Robben with the West London club as he used to play for them between 2004-07 in a small little footnote in the match that will decide if Chelsea will join City, United, and Arsenal next season as Tottenham are “on the bubble” of missing out at due to the special 2005-06 Liverpool season that highlighted the rules for the Champions League winner, so we’ll see if it’s Chelsea or Tottenham next season.