WHEN football becomes “just a game”, I normally “lose my rag” at that reply from people, not on the 17th March!

For a fact I’m getting faster and faster at typing, editing, making less mistakes and then publishing blog entries, if The Daily Telegraph want to sign me up as Henry Winter is an inspiration of mine *ahem* But people need to have people in their “day-to-day” as inspirations, does he know who I’am? Today marks the last day of the 2011/12 Barclays Premier League Season in a season that marked 20 years of the Premier League that meant to make a list of the best players and (UK-Only)best goals of the era; Fabrice Muamba collapsed during an FA Cup Quarter-Final match vs. Tottenham due to a heart condition; Mick McCarthy’s six-year tenure at Wolverhampton Wanderers came to an end as the midlands club found themselves “in the mire” going into the Holiday Season but the club gave him the two-months afterall which was nice of them *sarcasm detected* and as any supporter of the Premier League knows it means expect a managerial sacking, shame no Premier League calibre manager wanted the job, so Wolves had to hire internally and went for assistant manager (but a history as the club’s youth, reserve and first team coach) Terry Connor (more on that later). Thierry Henry returned to the Premier League after a five-year absence due to moving to Barcelona back in 2007, but then he moved to New York Red Bull in 2010 and then went on loan Arsenal (the team where he made his name as arguably the greatest player of the Premier League-era) and to think I actually watched his first goal back for the club, it was in the FA Cup Third Round match against Leeds, I wasn’t there but I watched it on television, gotta love ticket prices, Paul Scholes retired a Manchester United legend just to come back out of it, read into that what you like but came back during the FA Cup Third Round match vs. Mercenary City and United won 1-0 so “meh”.

Tevez: “I get to say no to being subbed on vs. Bayern Munich in the Champions League group stages, AWOL back to Argentina on an unpaid argument with the manager to basically play golf and then return five-months later and say that he treated me like a dog? Then  score a goal as part of a hat-trick in the 6-1 win vs. Norwich and celebrate by mimicking a golf swing? Where do I sign?”

These besides other events since 13 August 2011 mean that Wolves & Blackburn were relegated with Bolton or QPR to follow; for Tottenham & Newcastle to fight for the last Champions League position (include Arsenal if talking automatic Champions League places) in fixtures that mean one of them will join “Mercenary City”, Manchester United; with Tottenham in the drivers seat for that 4th place, it means Newcastle will join Chelsea, and Everton in the Europa League next season; and “the main event” of Manchester United or Manchester City to be crowned the champions of the 2011/12 season. In a season that meant a “Manchester Derby that counted for more than most” it’s lame that United lost but the reaction of my friend Suzanne on Mercenary City’s season is quite harsh as though it went into a talk about how Manchester United always “buy the league” I stood tough with “always been a mix of academy/those trained from a young age with those players purchased (in a banter way, we all know I’m not “the typical football supporter”), but long story short that times like that are the epitome of “don’t say I’m not passionate about football, because it’s still in there somewhere” in a situation where I would congratulate them if they won it any other way I would. But the way City have been in the hunt for this year’s title is just disgusting and it means I will never applaud them because for all fans and the club before 2007 have my respect, Manchester City have my respect, to be in the second-from-bottom division in English Football far back as little as the 1998-99 season (Old Division Two). But “Mercenary City” never will! Simple.