What a weird and freaky occurrence, both Jason Biggs & Mena Suvari are in both the music video for Teenage Dirtbag (which was for the film 'Loser') and American Pie: The Reunion/American Reunion
What a weird and freaky occurrence, both Jason Biggs & Mena Suvari are in both the music video for Teenage Dirtbag (which was for the film Loser) and American Pie: The Reunion/American Reunion

I took a very thoughtful act for granted before today, whenever I was in the car with my sister it never mattered where we were for if either of us said we liked a certain song on the radio she would leave the engine on and we would wait in the car until either the name of the song was disclosed or if a certain lyric could be recited so we could use it for when we got back home to then go and search for the song on no specific search engine once we got home as that was the power of radio music. Music that makes it onto the radio not for a lack of effort or an immense effort but is merely seen as “radio friendly” and I can’t lie that at 26 years of age the passion I once had for radio music has died somehow, it’s still alive but it has to be seen as on an IV drip keeping it “still in the game”. To think that BBC Radio 1 made a run-down of *spoiler alert: If you don’t know and want to read this first, then DON’T click the link, simplez* The Top 100 (or was it 150? meh) best selling tracks of the 21st century during a typical “May Day” Bank Holiday Monday over my best mate’s was a surprise “trip down memory lane” for as much as playing FIFA 12 was the focal point of the afternoon we had the radio on in the background and then between matches we would just listen to said run-down so to listen to ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by Wheatus “threw both of us off” as the instant thought was “was that in the 21st century?” a trip onto Wikipedia when I got home said so, July 2000, “knock me down and call me Gertrude” as it felt a lot older than the rest of the chart but that’s how quickly time goes. Long story short it was when I finally got home and looked online that I found out that ‘Evergreen’ by Will Young was the “‘#1 biggest selling single track of the 21st century”, so of course the backlash from a lot a lot of people on Twitter wasn’t great but then it’s not a fix or a pre-arranged agreement between fans, the UK “only has itself to blame”.

Is it ‘American Reunion’ or ‘American Pie: The Reunion’? STOOPID HOLLYWOOD!

Talking about nostalgia and just thinking “really?!?!?! Wow” had to be the fact I chose to watch American Reunion, the 4th and to be honest “Lethal Weapon 4″esque film in the sense that “it wasn’t at all necessary but it does put a bow on the tale” as it highlighted the transition of the gang’s “high school hijinx” into “adult responsibility” in something that though not needed to further a successful franchise (that even squeezed out a straight-to-DVD franchise) those were never my “cup of tea” so when I heard about this “reunion” a lot of me didn’t want to watch it as a la “the first memory is the best memory, don’t relive it, it’ll tarnish it”. But in trying to “turn-over a new leaf” in not thinking as much as I’ve been known to and going to watch those films that I’m not required to as much as the norm so I just went “meh, why not, Orange Wednesday afterall and I get to watch it with a good friend for half the price, that’ll do”. Hand on my heart I think it was the best of the American Pie movies and I’ll explain why. It highlighted the story of the average transition from “teenage carefree-to-adult responsibility” as well as any film tackling this very difficult subject can attempt to. I have to admit that it still has “the old American Pie humour” but to be honest if a true human-being it’s easy to assume people and you in particular can “detach” from it and see it’s all relevant and for a bigger purpose.

This week has taught me nostalgia is a good thing, for a glimpse, lets not dwell though ey?