Soooooooooo… Who wants that can of worms, how about you elephant in the room?

Before all the messages come flooding in with “what makes you a spokesman?”, “the divine right to comment on how a Christian should live?”, “what makes you an expert on the subject?” as I’ll be honest I don’t argue that I’am but what I’am is an opinionated young-man that can’t believe Obama said what he said (maybe out of context but I wish I cared enough to look, but that’s a word of the wise so not to say my word, just that I heard it and I believe it but “always check sources before commenting” but technically I’m commenting on those people commenting on Twitter about Barack Obama’s comments, follow? And those that know me personally can hopefully see the joke in my choice of colour-scheme but I’m not being serious as everyone has a right to an opinion) I can’t help but think that though I’m not deeply religious I can see the argument against “Same Sex Marriages” as since this stroke I’ve had time and reason to look a bit deeper into Christianity than I ever did. I can’t help but still be on the fence with some things but otherwise I’m seeing “their point of view” but it took “a friend of a friend” to highlight this reaction to Barack Obama’s comments earlier today as they responded to said friend’s facebook status with the ever true “I’d prefer that civil partnerships were extended to heterosexuals and was given the same legal status as marriage” and I couldn’t agree any more, due to the degree of seriousness I had to edit as to be honest in this life-time of PC gone mad how knows even with the best intentions at heart.

I’m normally as liberal as they come but this time it feels different, sorry, sue me. Great organisation otherwise! – If you needed help to notice that this is actress Jane Lynch (Glee) then you are in need of “help” my-friend. Not only Glee, amazing actress!

I may not have marched the streets of London or written into the government on issues but I see myself as a rather liberal man so I don’t want to get into a “I can prove it” debate because I can’t but I don’t really care to do so but what I can do is just highlight that on most issues I seem to lean towards a more liberal position of the pendulum that as a point I might not vote in candidates at one certain end of the spectrum, but another thing this opinionated friend (I’m not being sarcastic, I really appreciate opinionated people) highlighted that voting based on party is “so 20th century”. But to hear the reaction of a lot-a lot of people about this issue makes me think that though Christianity seems to be held in higher regard with Republicans than Democrats in “The States” is this an example of one of those moments when Obama said something that of course the majority of people are going to agree for they’re either not “Hardcore Christians” or are in fact “Atheist“. Which I have to be honest though as it’s not good to generalise but “prove me wrong” and anyway I’m putting myself into this generalisation but I’m not a “Hardcore Christian” and I’m not an “Atheist” but I just believe in “live and let live” in a sort of “Agnostic Theist” vibe to life.

I’m sure she’ll say “I’m only doing my job”, but I now understand when people think more of you for “just doing your job”… Thank You Hope Powell!

So to hear from the reaction that most people are in favour of Same-sex Marriage and tackling other injustices given to those “different” from “the norm” which I think is a STUPID ARGUMENT AS YOU ASK HOPE POWELL IF SHE WANTED TO ATTEMPT TO BE THE ENGLAND & TEAM GB MANAGER OF THE WOMENS TEAM LITTLE OVER 10 YEARS AGO! I think it would a better world if the government and people generally in the world voiced as much as they already have on the subject of “legalising same sex marriage” on instead making “civil partnership” equal to it. There’s that theory on How I Met Your Mother in S5, Ep13 ‘Jenkins’ about reaching and settling so in my conquest to liken “serious things” to “pop-culture” could it be seen that “marriage” is meant to be “reached for” but due to modern-law it’s “civil-partnership” if you’re in a same-sex relationship but that route can be seen as the “settlement”? For a while it was an ok arrangement but then society realised the short-comings of a “civil-partnership” in contrast to “marriage” thus it began the argument? So as sad as it has become I think though to an “Atheist” it’s ok to bring “marriage” down a peg or two, hopefully I’m not the only one that thinks it’s the wrong thing to do so as it’s not a “I hate gay people” thing, it’s a “the sanctity of marriage & religious law” way though I don’t love the idea of marriage I feel that it’s wrong for people to have an opinion if they are not in fact religious. I’m not deeply or at least enough weight in that opinion than those “on the inside” i.e. gays and church-goers so it’s not my place to comment, what I can suggest is for the government to raise “civil-partnership” to the level of “marriage” so there’s not an “extreme religion-like problem” on the horizon as in actuality it’s sullying The Word that has existed for at least 2012 years but I’m glad this opinion has at least been printed before as I thought I could be seen as a “pariah“.

With that said I’ll probably be littered with “you don’t know what you’re on about!” & “have you got a death wish?”, well no, but I do have an overly active brain and my life-long quest to run the 100m at London 2012 is out of the question so “meh”.