Better than Scrabble? Nah!

Well up until now I had a thought about how it involved a Maypole or something, blah, blah, blah so after looking up on Wikipedia about it (Wikipedia entries are good for the rough estimate, don’t bet your house on it) I can’t help but smile as I got the “gist”, when people mention “pagan ritual” I switch off from hearing about paganism not because I’m deeply religious but because history is fantastic to look at but I refuse to dwell on it. But personally it meant that I went to go and visit former Wolfson co-patient Nikki as she was back in hospital and she was free either Thursday or Friday and as a twenty-something I chose the Thursday and I “trekked” to Russell Square and I know my family would threat over the fact I went on my own but to be honest another thing I will refuse to do is to rely on people unless I really need to. Did anyone know that the visit to Russell Square tube station meant 175 steps? (well according to the signs in the tube station, but in actuality there’s 177) some say foolishly elected the stairs instead of the elevators but to that statement I say “VIKING WARRIOR!” (a term that comes to mind whenever achieving something of small measure but still something worth celebrating in a “jokey fashion”) but in my defence I’ve never really been “an elevator person” but I will admit that I ached a bit afterwards but such is life.

BBC’s Sherlock MAY sue!

Made my way to University College London’s ‘National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery‘ and it was just like going back to just under 18months ago as a hospital environment and a hospital routine but it was nice being able to talk to Nikki about it and I could relate. I know I may seem more self-centred than usual considering how I went to go and visit her in hospital but I never like talking about other people in a bad way and this time is no different but what I will say is that she’s fine and the prognosis is apparently better than what she heard while a patient at The Wolfson (funnily the hospital had a lecture theatre called ‘Wolfson‘, coincidence?) and if the recovery she’s made since entering the Wolfson is any indication then “the sky is a blue one”, God-willing. It was great seeing her again and catching up on how watching ‘Mamma Mia‘ will forever be linked to her (jokingly) and just how it’s good she has new reason to be positive of things as though labelled “Mr Positivity” I can’t help but think “It better have rubbed off”.

The first row, no. The second row, yes. That is all.

Today is the 4th of May 2012 in a day known for “Star Wars Day” as it has the moniker “May The 4th Be With You” (geddit?) but I’ve been more of a “dark side” follower myself as I prefer “May The 6th Be With You” (i.e. Sith) and so that warranted me watching ‘Chasing Amy‘ in what I labelled as “The polar-opposite of Wayne Rooney“. (DISCLAIMER: Swearing and people choosing to watch this YouTube video need to realise that because it’s not true it makes it funny as it is the way that some black people feel) I believe that one scene in particular maybe seen as “crude and vulgar” but the level of my existence is that “if it is a necessary evil“, this scene is pivotal to the film and to be honest sorry if people are offended and don’t laugh but I can because Hooper X took it “too far” but as he explains later in the scene that as a black homosexual it is merely the orders of the comic book publishers as it makes his comic book ‘White Hating C**n’ more marketable *sigh*. I’ll end this blog on a Facebook status from one of my best friends Liz for my inner-geek (the one I mentioned on Wednesday) smiled.