I don’t know if it’s because I’m 26 but I won’t mistake 6 U.S. superheroes in 2012 with 2 British spies in 1965!

Just arrived back to my humble abode from watching ‘Avengers Assemble’ with my sister in Staines, I can’t help but feel underly-overwhelmed from it as the fact has to be that all it appeared to be was a “Summer Blockbuster“, though not a bad thing it has to be known that for someone such as me I like the deeper films but I’ve learnt to “take my foot off of the gas”. To just be able to sit down through the running time and just enjoy it for what it was for though nice to tax the brain it needs to switch off every now and again because for this instance I like comic books & superheroes after-all (without buying said comic books but I’ve been known to allude to the level of my “geekiness” in the past. There’s ‘And So It Begins, ‘My Review of ‘Green Lantern’‘, ‘Yesterday Was A First For Methinks… Prove Me Wrong‘, and of course ‘First blog of the NFL postseason, The FA Cup, and of course Titus Bramble at it AGAIN?!?!?!‘, not may then). As much as I embrace my “inner geek” I can still be found guilty of distancing myself from it time-to-time but for watching Avengers Assemble (Originally called ‘The Avengers’ but Hollywood thought the UK would get it mixed up with 1960’s TV Series starring Patrick Macnee and made stars of Honor Blackman & Diana Rigg, that’s a bit harsh but just shrugged it off and watched it anyway) I fully embraced it. But it premiered on the 19th April at Westfield in London (There was a competition on Cineworld’s Twitter meaning that I could have gone and seriously “geeked it up”) but I had the patience to not attendmidnight showing on 26th April but then even not rush to the cinema for the 27th April release date, so in an effort to be sensible I waited for the amazing Orange Wednesday and went with my sister in a move to avoid any disappointment for this man.

Lame UK-only alternative name… ASSEMBLE!

I went and I’ll be honest with you reader that for the first time since I was a young teenager I entered a cinema screening without a shred of expectation as Hollywood has a history of letting me down to the point that I have to find the tricks of following production companies, producers, directors or actors/actresses in order to find the formula of a successful but relaxing film as I overthink and this was a chance for me to stop that for those 2 hours and 23 minutes. Even with people in my past referring to it as “Best film in years” I was happy I chose to shut the world out and make the call myself as to make myself my personal film reviewer as sometimes these “Summer Blockbusters” require it as that hype and hyperbole can carry its success and so some people read more into a film than me or not enough when reviewing a film and expect too much or not enough. So as I entered with “a blank canvas of emotion” I liked how they got all of the main characters involved as though seemly easy it has to be realised as anything but as they really are six very different characters from different worlds with maybe only Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) the only linked characters before the “Avengers Assemble”(d). One bit that seriously doesn’t ruin the film so please forgive me in saying this “spoiler” to a small scene that doesn’t actually do anything to the story so just see it as a “before they were famous” moment as Thor strikes Captain America’s shield and it makes such a noise all I could think was “For Whom The Bell Tolls“.

But since coming back home I have been told via Facebook that in the “Marvel Universe” “[Captain America’s] shield did that because it is made out of vibranium and adamantium the vibranium made it go BOOOOONG [as Thor struck it]“, told by fellow “comic book geek” Edd, so it must be true!

All in all I liked ‘Avengers Assemble’ but I won’t lie when I admit I have seen better Hollywood films but to exclude those films and narrow the search to only “mainstream comic book movies” it has to be the best I’ve ever seen and I will buy the DVD for sure but I can’t help but think that a bit of that geeky-side may be slipping out or actually not enough of it is as my reaction to it even surprised me as I think I said it, “underly-overwhelmed”.

p.s. Cobie Smulders became “type-casted” as ‘Robin Scherbatsky‘ of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) fame in my opinion so I’m relegated to seeing the woman Ted stole a blue French horn for EVERY waking moment now, sorry.