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So tonight is the highlight of the NFL (off) season, at 8pm ET/1pm BST it means it is the NFL Draft that is the culmination of the college American Footballer’s (NCAA) career in that event I’ve even written about in my book and how it mentioned to throw out the story of Tim Tebow as he became the biggest talking point. To mention that since Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets since his draft in the 2010 season. To think that roughly 3 or 4 months now there has been talk of a sure-fire #1 and #2 pick of the 2012 Draft, that means Andrew Luck to the Indianapolis Colts with the #1 and then Robert Griffin III (RG:III) to the Washington Redskins after they traded up from #6 to nab the St Louis Rams’ #2, a solid 3 or 4 months so much so that “from #3 its anyone’s guess”. The number of mock drafts is just insane, that is the level of interest and passion people have for something that could be done in a maximum of 4 hours but instead will take 4 days. Well this year I will try to stay up but to be honest I think I’ll fall asleep by #16 even though “my Packers” have the #28  pick in something I’ve always seen as bittersweet when being able to boast a successful team with a solid season, they pick later in the draft and so all the spotlight on that end of players is nothing like that of Luck, RGIII, Kalil, Richardson, Claiborne etc. aww well.

The man looks like a freak! It's ok, in NFL-terms that's a good thing. Google "NFL Freak", trust me!

So I will try my best to stay up and watch this but my friend Gordon has made a mock draft and my man-crush on Mike Mayock and his mock draft is apparent and I swear by his word (well more than the average NFL Analyst) and so I just think that this will be a night of a lot of coffee but I’m going to try my best to manage this, not even thinking of my bed but to highlight that when the regular season is on it’s not as big a problem as to admit that my body-clock of adjusting to UK Time at the moment for there is no NFL season at the moment and my MLB love has taken a knock and my Bruins got knocked out of the Stanley Cup last night (2-1 loss vs. the Washington Capitals). But one thing that has to be apparent is that Penn State have/had a Defensive End (DE) called Jack Crawford, an Englishman born and raised that only moved to the US when he turned 16 to try his hand at basketball, but was then spotted for American Football and heck he never even knew the rules of it so to join Penn State, learn those rules, and be that level of good to even be considered for NFL Draft, so dare I say it but I’ll be on the look out specifically for Mr. Crawford. Well 00:48 here now so better scoot, but all the best everyone as a cool (though he supports Liverpool, what’s that about?) is having a BBQ on Saturday, so you know the summer is upon us so yay!

So the NFL Draft is underway and Andrew Luck is the #1 pick… Are there going to be any surprises? We’ll see!

But one edit and it’s the #10 pick now, only another 18 until the Packers!