I’ve been alive 26 years, I’ve had a converse trainer, a Manchester United football boot, a transparent globe but I’ve NEVER had a pig as a “piggy bank”… Interesting!

So it’s April so we all know what that means? After Christmas, New Years, St. Valentines Day and Easter, this is the other time in the year, the more unofficial time of the year that it is asked for people to “dig deep”, this time of unofficial fundraiser giving seems to start with Comic Relief/Sport Relief that starts roughly the last week of March. I don’t want it to seem like people aren’t doing enough to dig deep for if “you” know that “you” have already this year then “you” don’t have to feel bad and this isn’t a guilt-trip, but if “you” know that “you” haven’t given a penny in this time in the year that seems to garner fundraising then this is officially a guilt-trip for my sister did her skydive in the aid of Different Strokes, her work colleague Daniel did his skydive on the same day as her as well as chose to do the London Marathon in the aid of MacMillian Cancer Support. Last but by no means least is my friend Dan that has chosen to swim 5K in the aid of Marie Curie and he has raised a considerable amount but that need for more is apparent as it always is but that is three activities I’d wish I had it in me to do but I don’t think I ever could.

Big Splashin’ it like it ain’t no thang… Lad!

All acts I think most would like to do “once” but this mixture of three people have done “three” of them for a total of “four” times, so personally not one to talk for people, but I can’t ignore the acts and I won’t as that really are amazing. But just to put focus on Dan’s mission for a second as it is the last (known to me) fundraiser before the summer can begin as I’ve already been invited to a couple of BBQ’s which is just amazing as I like it when friends remember that I’m alive *sarcasm detected* Nah the fact I got an invite at all means that I need to shut up and be grateful but this fundraiser, I think this is the fundraiser that stands out because I’ve known Dan for a good 5 or 6 years now but to highlight the fact that this is a 26 year old man that used to smoke so to break it down he’s been known to average 15/20 a day, so to have staved off the habit at all can’t have been easy and he’s admitted to having the odd sneaky one, but then to think that his girlfriend had the same amount and though Dan gave up the week after Lent Suzanne gave up for Lent and it’s even been said how unlike Dan she hasn’t faltered even once since. Either way this Sunday at Hanworth Airparcs Leisure Centre Dan is going to swim those 5kms and I couldn’t be any more proud of him as even before my stroke I was never a great swimmer, so the man already has my respect.

All those of these people get my kudos and thanks! And if thinking of donating to Dan, that’s before this Sunday, I’m sure it lets people donate a bit later.