“Life-altering event” happened? All is lost right? WRONG! Get on board the best initiative “in town”… “The Avengers initiative” is overrated!

This is basically a post that without even trying highlights the great work of Heritage 2 Health and in particular its Founder and Director Theresa Nash alongside its Development Manager Kasia Cierach for the organisation have set up a nature walk as a tool to help those “Unabled” (I’m not sure if that is a real word but I know that personally “Disabled” just feels and sounds far worse, as don’t tell me what “I can and can’t do”, I’m just “unable to do it conventionally”) so this walk empowers and basically says “unlucky fate, I’ve pulled this walk off”. I know this isn’t the first time or in fact the first time I’ve even mentioned Leith Hill but I just can’t think of any more notable cause as I’m sure that is is the type of event that could be seen as the inspiration for my book but unlike “Chicken and the Egg” my inspiration for the book came first but my point is that both aim to do what is unfortunately not the first thought that comes to a person’s mind when overcoming a life-altering event. Both aim to instil that message of “all is not lost” and in “H2H’s” case I believe that it is a closed case that’s not even worth the energy to open and investigate.

It’s so pretty… Yeah, Ferris Bueller had a point! i.e. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t slow down and look around, you might miss it” *chicka-chicka*.

I originally did the walk a little over a year ago with my then fellow inmate -I mean- patient Nikki so as two people needing to overcome a “life-altering event” it was obviously a great rush of accomplishment after doing so, but in little over a year it is a weird one as this time there were a lot more than Nikki, myself, Ruby (National Trust Park Ranger), Rosemary, Mary (A “sister” of the Wolfson), and Claire that did the walk as that first time I think it was safe to say that Nikki and I were the “guinea pigs” for the organisation but it worked and I’m still alive, hurrah. As much as that happened little over a year ago it was in aid of an event in the June or July of 2011 so this time around as a way of taking the organisation and the initiative a step further it included up to 15 more people from various other organisations for as I believe (to my limited knowledge) the most prominent affiliation was the Surrey Ramblers as they had a representative come along it was a great occasion to “soothe the edges” of H2H as NO organisation or one individual is perfect as we all continue learning as even 100 year old’s are learning something new every new day, but like anything in life not just a non-profitable organisation like H2H it is with good instruction, guidance and advice that it can better itself and the community. All in all I think the goal of H2H can’t be ignored as even nurses are not given big t-shirts or badges signalling themselves out from “the patients” as the ethos is that level of “unity” and “equality” as it is not a place for authority figures as the attention is solely on those “patients”.

The place where H2H plan on burying a “time capsule”… GET IN! But what can the organisation put into it? The cast of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ (TOWIE)… A man can only dream!

I believe that ‘Heritage 2 Health’ succeeds at this and is a great way in going about the mission as yes there is a way of telling the nurses from those “patients” but it is so small that unless “an outsider” is knowledgeable of it for they could not spot it as a video of the event that happened in June or July 2011 highlighted. I can’t help but think that I have rehabilitated better than expected as I was able to carry a conversation with fiancé to one of the organisers at Ham House (Sarah) and artistic-mind for H2H Sam and I forgot my walking stick at the meeting point at a hall a good mile away from the trail. To think that a year ago I was aided with a delta-frame I would have had to put 100% concentration into the trail in order to accomplish it but that is the difference of a year. It is a testament of how I did it more than convincingly this time around to the point that I even thought “what was the point of doing this walk if it is a lot more easier?” but then at the top of this trail there was the tower so no better example of “new challenge, challenge accepted” as I was less than convincing but I managed it and so more reason to love that walk again for a year ago this near difficult ascent of the tower would have been impossible but I soon realised I needed this 2nd attempt of Leith Hill in order to realise the progress I had made, no better place and environment to do it as it was all a “controlled risk” so thank you Heritage 2 Health and everyone that made it possible!