"Transformers but on water". THAT'S LAZY-SUMMARISING FOR YOU!

When news of the film Battleship first broke in 2009 I’ll be honest that I can’t say that I wasn’t too amped about it as I think the attitude of most is “not yet another sequel, prequel, or book adaptation?” but for Universal to not fit this cliché of modern-Hollywood so to instead do “a board game adaptation”, sneaky. Personally I never went as far as to read an article like Time dished out for news on who they chose to be the director, producer, cast et all for all I did was go on “word of mouth” and this has to be seen as my downfall. Through “word of mouth”, the odd tweet, and article headline I heard that actor Taylor Kitsch and singer/Chris Brown punching-bag Rihanna were cast in it was when I heard about the reaction to the film John Carter and generally singer-turned-actor though I don’t want to say “shouldn’t opt out of their profession” but the memorable performances were not amazing for examples sake Madonna in ‘The Next Big Thing’, Mariah Carey in ‘Glitter’, or Britney Spears in ‘Crossroads’ and I know all of those films were early 2000’s so early 2010’s may have a surprise in store, but as human beings it was easier to assume and the price of the cinema (£9) made it seem easier again.

I think FNL's 5 series (seasons) weren't enough! But know that 'The Wire' too chose to end with 5 series (seasons), coincidence?

I ended up going on the Saturday afternoon because it was my ex-work colleague turned friend Dan’s birthday weekend (birthday on the 15th April, hope you had a great one man!) where as a collective trio we hung out with a “lads weekend” vibe, the same trio that made up my blog on going to Brighton and there was talk of making a “Diego championship” awarded to the lad that scores the most goals in a Terry Crews tournament. We didn’t have enough time for that but we did have a bit of a game on it but simply chose not “to put the championship on the line”, I went along with the lads for “supplies” around town and so we chose these moments to delve into the music collection of the person Tom bought his Ford Fiesta from as they had left their CD case in it upon selling the car itself but in our way of having “broad horizons” and not being prejudice and valuing all types of music we all decided that it had to be seen as the best collection on this planet as it included Lionel Richie and Neil Diamond besides others. But long story short it took until the credits of the film for me to find out that it was directed by writer/producer/director Peter Berg, the same Pete Berg that created the best US Television Series since The Wire (in my opinion) and that is of course the late-great-people need to appreciate Friday Night Lights loosely based on the 2004 film of the same name. So for Battleship to be directed by FNL’s director, to have one of FNL’s main characters (Tim Riggins played by Taylor Kitsch), to have one of the best supporting television characters in the history of television from FNL (Landry Clarke played by Jesse Plemons), Rihanna (the “lads view” is a bit of eye candy, but mine was a watered down version of that as more into the acting, and she did a solid job), so maybe judge on this one clip?

I’ll go to watch this again with my sister this Wednesday (18th April 2012), Orange Wednesday means I can and I will so £4.50 as ‘2 for 1’ is just super for I can’t wait to watch it again and see if I missed anything as I’m sure I did for I thoroughly believe that if people liked ‘Friday Night Lights’ for they would like ‘Battleship’ I’m 100% sure of it. Very rarely does a film ignite that level of passion in me and I see through the ploy of the production company as it’s releasing it in Asia and Europe before the most likely scaving box-office of the US in which is clever as it’s going well so off I go on Wednesday to watch it again with my sister for she loves her some Taylor Kitsch but judge for myself by the trailer. Just know that it’s not anything like ‘Transformers’, but I can’t wait for ‘Monopoly’ or any of the other 3 or 4 Hasbro board games-turned-movies and after watching ‘Battleship’ I’m not being sarcastic.