This picture says what you all think!

In fear of becoming one of those people saying “in my day” I won’t do it but all I will say is that once upon a time I’m sure the Oyster Card scheme felt like a good idea, like a saving, like a good thing for London. I don’t want to bookmark this change in belief as “since Boris Johnson became mayor” but its starting to feel like a con but then I suppose the only defence TfL has is that “it’s cheaper than the cash price”. Even so my gripe really comes in the form of yes upon entering “that noise” the Oyster Reader makes when a passenger doesn’t have enough cash topped up? Well that noise happened on a routine trip back from Kingston (Hanworth’s Wimbledon or Westfield as I’ve been told), a trip I’ve made over 500 times (and I’m not exaggerating) so to hear “that noise” though I have a Freedom Pass just got me thinking. People can be forgiven beginning to feel like the scheme has become a con but does it simply con those unknowing of it or is it just that it couldn’t read the microchip this one time, I think the conspiracy theory is a better blog.

My sister reppin' the family name from 12,000 ft up in the sky... HOLLA!

But then I got me thinking about one of only three times a passenger doesn’t need an oyster card 1, when a passenger of a lift. 2, when on a boat or plane. 3, when jumping out of said plane – I was thinking of my sister for as well as getting back home and getting online to see the collection of pictures she had of the skydive she had took part of for Different Strokes. The skydive that even though I went to stay at my sister’s on Sunday Night (missed Arsenal vs. Man City, that’s love!) she drove us to Ashford, Kent to the “Headcorn Aerodrome” just to hear that the Monday jump was called off because of the naff weather and I met Michelle’s fellow “Special” Daniel and his flatmate Paul, both are don’s and to find out that Daniel was jumping on the behalf of The MacMillan Cancer Support and as well as the skydive he’s doing the 2012 Virgin (formerly Flora) London Marathon and here is his sponsor page. We all looked on our phones and the Airfield looked at their technology and well all discovered Tuesday was a better day to jump, I couldn’t go with them to support them through it for I was unfortunately busy, so I just gave them my thoughts and congrats but all along I just had this overpowering funny feeling that “though my sister says she dreads the thought, the action will be worth it”, and it was only within a matter of minutes that she texted me saying that she loved it and wished to do it again.

I know and love my sister for times like this.