A la Jordin Sparks... "Battlefield"!

When people mention that they have given up something for Lent the first thought has to be “are you deeply religious?” but facts have it that I’m not really but what I think people need to realise that someone doesn’t have to be religious in order to take part in Lent but just know that I’m not deeply but it’s still there. I chose to give up Facebook for Lent in an act that is not very original for even my good friend Sarah has given it up in the past but I chose to do it but since Ash Wednesday I’ve struggled at points as mainly because my level of Facebook is to show a funny video or picture to my “heterosexual life partner” but to send it via email isn’t exactly an option, and with the friends that have ‘WhatsApp‘ aren’t those that I normally show these meme’s to also the fact that the time and effort needed to transfer it to my phone so I can send it via ‘WhatsApp’ is just not worth it, so come this Sunday I really will be a very happy man. I don’t know if it is a good thing or not but I’ve learnt that besides this need to send silly things to my best friend I haven’t missed Facebook in the slightest as to be honest I think that though the world can be a bit too dependant of it and no better example of that than the fact that Madden 13 are doing the apparent annual “My Madden Cover“, shame that the original “round of 64” that pitted 2 players of the same NFL Franchise to face-off as “the franchise’s representative in the battle for Madden Cover”, but that initial face-off required Facebook and when organisations like Aero end their adverts with “like us on Facebook”, it’s weird because it’s like a glass ceiling.

Sums me up!

But this Sunday it comes back to me but for some that use Facebook like they’re being social they need to be careful as to be honest I was one of them and it only took this Lent to realise how unsocial I was as though I have 250-odd friends, and I’ve been in the same room as 240-odd of them I can’t help but think that I had only been out and about and social with like 30 of them during “timeout from Facebook”. I went to Burger King in Feltham on Saturday and saw a car with eyelashes but then went to the GP’s on Monday and saw a car with either a personalised or not  number plate and it just came to me as a metaphor for Facebook as it had a certain feel of “really?”, that “there’s more to life”, just to find it seems to be the mission. Well I found a real second-chance at going out to “bar/clubs” again as I went to Vodka Revolutions on Thursday for a friend’s 23rd (it didn’t start there, moved from The Britannia Pub, great time and all the best Sarah and a happy birthday/happy financial new year) so I can contemplate being out during a “stag-do”… Hurrah!