"Whatchu Talkin' Bout Willis?" - Yes, it's THAT clever a name!

So to think that my sister is only a week away from the act that is often talked about but how often do people literally do it? so to think that I had that ambition once upon a time, honest. But she’s going to do it and if people haven’t seen it yet read on, she’s elected to do a skydive on the behalf of ‘Different Strokes‘ (the name of the charity chosen as it sticks in head due to the famous 70s show Diff’rent Strokes but in this case the charity) which is the organisation that benefits “young stroke survivors” so that would mean stroke survivors under the age of 65. But to think that before its establishment in 1996 there was no organisation in something I heard from Dr. Cloud (not making it up… DON FOR MORE THAN ONE REASON!) during a routine follow-up at St. Georges in Tooting back on the 2nd February that it was an organisation set up for those under work retirement age but with the age going up to 72 now, who knows *I digress* when the fact is life is still ahead of us so with the aid of organisations like ‘Different Strokes’… THANK YOU, to have this organisation is actually the best thing considering this is the worst thing that could have happened, silver-lining.

Myself and my sister at Big Game 3... Quins lost vs. Wasps... RIOT!

To see this organisation and this deed that my sister has chosen to do is the epitome of awesomeness, I’ve never been any more proud of my big sister than I’am right now as it can’t be an easy thing to choose to do but she is and what a noble cause. She got a free T-Shirt from it was I’m kind of envious now but I have to write this blog out so I can get some form of word out as I know my sister and she wouldn’t see this as a “big deal”, it’s not massive but it’s notable.


At the end of the day I ask for people reading this to donate or you’re not my friend (only kidding, be’ave you, I’m not THAT bad) http://www.bmycharity.com/michelleskydive