Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, 2 for £3, 'ave that chief!

*Drafted Friday night, submitted Saturday morning*

To be honest I think I’m doing you readers a favour as I’ll be even more honest that I feel like I talk a lot but to be even further honest than I’ve been so far that I don’t care if that statement is fact or fiction but that is neither here nor there as really the test lays for me to condense this blog as I’m off out tonight. I have to highlight something that happened at Tesco Metro in Richmond last Saturday during the lovely weather as a number of “our group” hung out on Richmond Green but then only after seeing this did it make this seem beyond ridiculous as the only defences from Tesco had to be that 1) people don’t like smoothie’s 2) people don’t like the combination of ‘Apple & Kiwi’ 3) people are in fact allergic. But I think there was another flavour available so not 100% sure of that but for those with a clear mind and an empty list of dislikes the fact still stood as 900ml vs. 250ml and I think people know what the winner was. I saw it featured on Panorama about how people miss these price checks and to be honest I’ve been guilty of it in the past but it was only on Wednesday in Sutton’s Asda did I see £1 carrots (by the bag)  marked as £2 in the price tray… Fail. My point is people need to be a little more vigilant.

Ivory Fan means pianos and sculptures need to be ignored by ivory dealers!

Otherwise I’m off to see my friend’s bowl and that’s as in “watching them bowl” not in the American college way “bowl” as I’m not feeling sorry for myself as I’m still out & about and see this as any excuse to see some good friends for it should be a laugh and a smile as it always is with my friends. Went to The Fan Museum in Greenwich to research some activities for Heritage 2 Health earlier today with Michelle and Kirsty (though they only met shortly before I did with Michelle, woah, “house” and “fire” come mind, in a good way) for it is a museum that is amazingly underrated and I learnt that there were ivory fans, I’ve officially seen everything (not so official). Otherwise have a great weekend and roll on next week, “Gord” say he’ll be done with my book by then… Joyous.