My Twitter account (@MuseLuver86) wallpaper during The Six Nations (4 Feb 2012 – 17 March 2012) sucks to be the 18th March until 5th Sept (NFL returns).

I had an amazing St Patricks Day with an amazing group of friends mainly because with that group it lets it hair down after the stress of jobs and such, we can all be serious but that day we weren’t. We organised to meet up at The Moon Under Water in something that just seemed organic to our friend Dan as it seems to be his “home away from home” in regards to “pub-grub” and a place to drink on his commute back from work in London. “Only” 4 of us started at 1pm mainly as a mix of some that we had it in our minds to miss the Six Nations rugby until England vs. Ireland or people just didn’t care enough for the Six Nations at all. Personally the Six Nations was a nice distraction from the lack of NFL but enough to pass up a day out with friends just didn’t seem a possibility for me so to miss Italy vs. Scotland and Wales vs. France seemed like a managable blow, the best compromise ever for getting out of the house was that the pub offered novelty St. Patrick’s Day hats, to manager saw the one I got for St. Paddy’s ’08 and held onto and chose to wear. The St. Paddy’s ’12 editions were nice but more on that later for as it stood Dan his girlfriend Suzanne, our friend Paul and myself enjoyed that “Pub Grub” and our friend Joe was going to join later in the afternoon and we joked how much of a delicacy the pub’s “Irish Stew” was as I can’t remember how many were there total but that moment in time only 8 remained, I’ll stick with my Breaded Chicken Burger.

We were trying for a good 5 or 6 minutes working out how to fit us all in.. Clever Katie!

Well the troops got together (minus Dan and Suzanne, as she didn’t feel well but wished her all the best and she promised to catch up later in the night) and we all then moved onto The Lot in Richmond for to go to O’Neills on St Patrick’s Day was beyond silly. The Lot is a  nice enough place and we all just caught the second half of the action but that seemed like a good thing as from what I saw the score said it was a kicking contest up until the time we walked in as then came the penalty try as I remember even saying to Joe it was one before it was even announced (I’m gunning for the right career) and a Ben Youngs try and for a man I was never 100% sold on I had to put my hands up to an amazing attack with amazing individual vision and effort, so said and done 30-9 in a match that really opened up in the second half. To quickly pop to the bar for a lemonade or something as the whole “not drinking thing” was iron-clad so with St. Paddy’s ’12 hat in tact one guy in his 40’s says “my hat doesn’t suit me”, make of it what you will but I didn’t as I just replied “Well only once a year so no harm” in the year 2012 but to hear that crud still being said it couldn’t help but test my “passive-aggressive nature” as I don’t know if it was the feeling that people still think it’s ok to say things like that but it had me thinking back to that Davon H0use tweet (second paragraph) but at what point do people shut up with their opinions, to just think before they speak, but my said case was I had the best reply a good 5 minutes AFTER the incident “you’re in an England black away rugby shirt, but you’re fat and couldn’t spell “try” let alone score one”… Touché Alex.

I meant what I said on Twitter, excuse to see friends, and green, yay!

Either way good came out of it as we then went to The Angel & Crown and that had a stack of foam fingers and the 12 or so group of us enjoyed said foam fingers so much so James (who we all call him Jim, original right?) tried to drink his pint with a couple on.. Never going to happen chum.