Only bringing in Peyton Manning was only ever going to defuse "Tebow Mania". Sucks to be David Garrard!

What an NFL Free Agency (13th March 2012) and I mean it as this level of tension and suspense could only be eclipsed by actual NFL action as to look at it as anything else other than a story in a drama is hard to do. To think that this NFL Offseason has been about Peyton Manning and the knock on effect that has for Tim Tebow as he was never going to sit back on the bench after a rookie year (2010)  mostly spent on it so he was a goner and so he “be gone” to the New York Jets which may light a fire under oft-scrutinised QB Mark “Sanchise” Sanchez. This has to be the first example of disrespect as now even though Tim Tebow was the QB that turned the tables to the Broncos 2011 season (or as least put the cherry on top) meant nothing and the general opinion is that bringing in Peyton “Pey-Pey” Manning was the only move on this planet that was going to let the fallout of “Tebowmania” go somewhat easily.

When Matt Forte went down in Wk13 I think the Bears thought no running game and no passing game (Cutler down in Wk11) they "wrote off" the whole season, fair play.

This one is an easy as it goes to Matt Forte the running back of the Chicago Bears as his 2011 season was one of a player threatening of holding out due to money and considering how the NFL-following world all agreed that the Bears were in the wrong as the number of premier Running Backs (RBs) in the NFL are very slim but put in the best way, “there are 32 teams, so 32 starting RBs, so Matt Forte is probably only 1 of 5 premier RBs”. So the Bears finally paid up but at the same time to bring in Michael Bush, the #2 RB to the Oakland Raiders but to leave the Raiders as a free agent just to sign up to be the Bears #2 RB so unless Bush thought there was a realistic shot at being the Bears’ #1 due to if Forte still holds out though the contract has been signed or if Forte falters so again it has to be another example of disrespect.

They call him "The Law Firm", all the crud that has happened with the Bengals, they are turning a corner under an Andy Dalton led squad.

And then how BenJarvus “The Law Firm” Green-Ellis has gone to the Cincinnati Bengals which can’t be great as their RB is Cedric Benson is their #1 and it’s true that I don’t have to go further, disrespect. At the end of the day lets just ignore these moves as they are to be seen as “depth” and “strength” and that to see it a “betrayal” and disrespectful is silly and just difficult in sport as sentiment can only take a team so far and “the hard decisions” take that franchise further, only time will tell.

As it stands I want to say “business is business” but somethings I just can’t bring myself to do it, sue me.