All the best folks! I mean that, when England beat Ireland in the Six Nations ey? *wink*

Three things that come to mind while writing my weekly blog as it is something that is very therapeutic and to be honest a great advertisement of the man I’am today for sport is NOT my life but it is a big chunk of my life so there is a “general musings” button if sport is not very interesting to you. Though I don’t greet every new person in my life with that line I can’t help but think I owe it to them and society as a whole to start doing it as it has to be seen a great time-saver, but until that time comes, but then what if tomorrow never comes (To the unknowing public, Ronan Keating covered Garth Brooks’ 1989 performance), I suppose only you as a reader of this opening paragraph will know of my intentions.

First of all I need to open with that I had on my mind since Tuesday or Wednesday as I read on my timeline a tweet from Davon House (@Devo_31), the Green Bay Packers 4th round, #131 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, I wish great things for that man as I do any player on the Green Bay Packers roster, practice squad or 53-man 0r even the coaches and front office. He retweeted a question that I thought was a silly one, but someone posed it hopefully for a joke but it ignited something in me to reply and it came to me that no public holiday is seen as it was originally made out to be so it is all silly even thinking about it, personally I see it as green is my favourite colour and the myth is people out and about on St. Patrick’s Day have to wear at least one thing in green and I don’t drink any more so it really is just an excuse to see a group of friends that I love (no homo, and there’s even a song… I love me some Lonely Island!).

Which led to my second point, my sister bought me a b’day present that I only just got on Tuesday as we were both so busy but I finally got it and it was amazing, but coupled with the b’day present my “heterosexual life partner” (not as serious as “commit to spend their lives together” but that is genuinely where the joke comes from as Turk & JD really are the prime examples) got me on my b’day and I love that so from the time I read Davon’s tweet I was on the bus on my way into Richmond to do some more book editing as I’m noticing that all the productivity I’ve had was when I wasn’t at home and with a Freedom Pass it meant that it wasn’t such a mission or a hit to the wallet as two things I’ve realised about book writing 1) A writer is never 100% happy with their work, 2) To be able to take critque, good or bad is step, better have the best hiking boots on. I jokingly boasted how great I looked in which he replied, all in all I love Twitter for allowing access like it does as to be honest even as a “throwaway comment” it was nice being able to talk about my level of support. This wasn’t a “No-one in the UK cares about the Green Bay Packers or even the NFL” it was just letting him know the level of commitment some in the UK show towards sports teams. No better example than the “Suarez and Terry incident” as it CAN BLIND people but I can’t help but think if it’s not hurting anyone or clouding a better judgement sports fans can be amazing but just get a terrible label as I feel that not EVERY sport fan is as bad as the media make out but like sports players when they get into trouble I’m sure “a feel good story” doesn’t sell papers.

Don't forget Mother's Day, St. Paddy's for "us", Mother's Day for "them"... Deal? Ready. *claps hands* Break!

Lastly, how in watching ITV’s (sorry) coverage of Chelsea vs. Napoli in which the West London team had to try and come back from a 3-1 deficit picked up in Andre Villas Boas‘ penultimate match as manager of Chelsea as “they came, they saw, and they lost in embarrassing fashion” ( would have said “conquered” but that would have been a lie). So long story short Chelsea overturn it, somehow but the graphic ITV showed at after the match to say that Cypriot club Apoel Nicosia was the easiest in a graphic made up by the sorry broadcast team of the “easiest to hardest teams left in the Champions League”, so I wrote this in retaliation. The days of “easy football matches” are long gone, someone tell ITV they need to employ Richard Keys and Andy Gray, all of them are “outdated”, means that they’d have a force to be reckoned with… Against dinosaurs and Furby’s!

p.s. Saw a Napoli fan in the crowd with a confederates flag on display… FAIL!