I say ‘Tinie Tempah’ but REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Well this has been a bit of a happy week for more than one reason, I have a pair of glasses that have a “prism (second paragraph)” in the left eye that means that when I wear them I can see only one of things and not have the double vision which is an occasion to yelp “huzzah”. I finally have my ‘Freedom Pass‘ so it does “exactly as it says on the tin” as I can get on buses, trains, tubes WITHOUT having to pay AT LEAST £2.30 which sounds reasonable but any Londoner knows that it quickly disappears, the Oyster Card system HAD so much promise. I got back from Brighton and though I forgot my walking stick at Tom’s student house (bought a batch of doughnuts for the house as I’m THAT guy) it was a bittersweet act for I can go 5 or 6 days without it.

We went to ‘Gamestation‘ (not before ‘Game‘ and ‘Computer Exchange‘) to get ANOTHER GAME other than FIFA 12 as he’s actually QUITE THE BOSS on it and I’ve conceded contention for “The Terry Crews” for 2012, roll on FIFA 13. We got Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection which showed my age because I FOOKIN’ LOVED IT, we played ‘Streets of Rage‘ and Tom was surprised that I agreed to being the Main Bosses “righthand man”, 15 years and I never learnt… Hmm, back to Stage 6. All in all we finally downed the boss and I think we became idols for the city I’m not amazing on cutscenes but then to consider 1991 produced cutscenes aren’t going to do it either.

Yeah… It’s a hall, rarely see music on television from there!

Well next week it’s the NFL Free Agency (Tuesday), considering how I’m watching ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball‘, filmed in ‘The Radio City Music Hall‘ in New York, the NFL Draft is home to it, –I mean- housing the event for the first time ever in America all in aid of Amnesty International, good times. With Peyton Manning announced by the Indianapolis Colts organisation as officially cut when free agency starts, as 14 years with the franchise (since 1998) means nothing as after a neck injury seems to mean the defence of “it’s only business” but this begs the question “where do I get my Andrew Luck jersey?”. All this talk of Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III is beyond silly mainly because ‘RG:III’ is labelled as better than existing and “closest to the RG:III prototype NFL QB” Cam Newton (#1 in 2011) or Tim Tebow (#25 in 2010), so the mean is #12.5 so how can anything higher than #13 or #14 be thought about as anything else than a “reach” (In retrospect (12/3/12) the Washington Redskins traded up from #6 to #2  on 10/3/12), as a gamble and overinflated, but all of the talk is “RG:III is better than those two” and that “There aren’t many top class QB’s in this draft” so if that is the way it has to be then so be it and we can reconvene in 3 or 5 years and break down the success (or failure) of RG:III, no pressure man, no pressure as the draft (the three day extravaganza that could be done in only one but no better way to draw it out and to get the ratings that the NFL will inevitably get from it) is little over a month away as it’s on the 26th April this year and ends on the 28th April. I hope I’m wrong as the NFL don’t half hate on “NFL Busts”, Ryan Leaf anyone? (If that name means nothing to you, what about JaMarcus Russell?).