Talk of "American Football is like Rugby" is annoying, the fact I see the Six Nations as the "Nicotine Patch" to my NFL addiction surely can't help matters though. (Dang offseason!)

I’ll just pose the question that I’m sure is on the worlds lips, “how do rugby referees garnish so much more respect from their rugby players compared to football referees and their football players?” I’ve been watching the Six Nations as it’s a sport other than football as I’m grateful God gave me the tools to appreciate more than one sport, but to notice that it was just amazing how big rugby players are compared to the referee managing that match yet how much respect said referee gets out of them is just astonishing. Rugby is not a kind sport for the chiselled-chinned, glass-jawed, “Cristiano Ronaldo’esque” man but then as much as this sport is a brutal one and bar the act of gun-crime the feeling anything goes (not true but just the perception it gets for it is a very funny and misguided perception) how come if a rugby player carries out a dangerous high tackle (a tackle marked as higher than the neck, tends to normally be a clothesline to said chest/neck area) the referee summons the player over but with not real hassle the referee can talk this player down and if not “sin bin” him for the act, can talk some sense into them with a warning and as a spectator people can’t help but feel like that player takes it on board, no questions asked. As opposed to football where a tackle as cynical as it may be will garnish a near enough stampede by the team mates of the culprit and as they basically crowd and intimidate the referee into making the brash decision and the spectator can’t help but feel like that decision from the referee was made for him.

"Come on mate, your fat arse makes it hard to take a goal kick", never said it was witty

Football has much shorter and less muscular players in their sport but the level of support and money it makes is “questionable” and with it seems to only highlight the infinite question “how?”. Either way I read on-line and I hear in terraces the talk of football fans that rubbish rugby but they rarely know the rules and so their belief of what is the better sport seems more unfounded than if they burped out their argument as the only feel I have is “why does it matter?”, if football is so much better why is the feel that a football supporter has to talk down to rugby fans. Went to AFC Wimbledon vs. Macclesfield Town but from behind the South End goal to hear some of the talk, I’m not a snob but I don’t want to hear about a “fat arsed Macclesfield Town goalkeeper”, been to ‘Big Game‘ a couple of times now and nothing close to those levels of crowd “participation”, how can a sport as great as football as it really is “the international language” have such blemishes with it is beyond me as it just has this stigma like it is the only sport with a certain “still in the dark ages” feel to it and that is more than depressing as living in 2012 it is like a football match is a time-machine.

As much as I say I prefer Rugby Union I’m off to Brighton this weekend and surprise-surprise I’ll be in the town’s local to watch Liverpool vs. Arsenal, it’s definitely my personal “Car Crash TV“.