I just wrote that as my Facebook status so I don’t know why I’m trying to delude people NOT ALREADY “Facebook Friends” with me, consider the honesty I’ve just shown faithful reader. I’m writing this a day early because tomorrow (24/2/2012) for the first Friday since all of this happened to me back on the 8/11/10 can I actually say I plan “weekend hijinx” on such a day, I don’t really go out on a Saturday Night anyway really but I think I was going in that direction anyway so no real loss, what is the point of clubbing again? “Long line, pay a bomb to get in, can’t dig the rubbish music, can’t hear yourself speak, a long line for a drink, nowhere to sit down, a bomb for a drink, more loud music and contemplating the point entering a place like that as it really isn’t your scene”, well if you’re “a catch” maybe, but to be honest I don’t think I want or am considered “the clubland’s version of a catch“… C’est la vie, they profit so they’re happy. Well I have really great friends because they’ve seen my distaste for clubs and suggested we go to one bar but it has a compromise though for I dislike travelling into London but I’am for my birthday so a bit of give and take I suppose. I just wanted to go to a stand-up comedy event with friends to see ex-wrestler and current-don Mick Foley but in being asked “is that it?” it seems like I’ve buckled but they’re a good group worth a buckle.

Well either way my friends Tammy (20th),  Anna (25th), and myself (27th) all share the same birth week (in 1986 no less though that has shifted as we’re currently in 2012 now but that week’s chart #1 was ‘When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going‘ by Billy Ocean) so in a bid of not really organising something (being reminded by Tammy to mellow out on the planning, so I have to be grateful), originally that plan was karaoke but for “£100 an hour” in a private room we chose instead to just go to a bar in London so I’ll stick to Singstar but downloaded a number of great rock songs so I’m on my own personal “Cloud 9” but to ask those invited to this event to pick a place out of 3 options picked out by Anna and Tammy (mainly Anna, kudos) but the stress to organising make itself apparent soon enough so well done, and so because of this plan of a Friday I’m blogging now and not tomorrow as I’ll be making my way into London with my new clothes, there will be pictures of me in my new “swag”, a term I loathed using until only the turn of the year as maybe the world has let up on using it I’m not sure, but all I’ll say is “waistcoat, shirt, t-shirt”, that’ll do. And that t-shirt just says “it” all to me and I’ll wear it with pride.