I actually don't shop at Sainsbury's and barely watch television so it could be a type of pasta bake?

It’s been little over a year since I suffered a stroke (8/11/10) and I’m now going to do the Sport Relief but how I think this is going to work out as a logical move is anyone’s guess, but between my sister doing a skydive for Different Strokes on the 9th April 2012 and my 3 mile run on the 25th March 2012. I can’t help but think that as much as people can say things in their lives are rubbish people need to take a time out to think and look at the bigger picture of things, yes neither of us are rich but just to think that people have a worse life than we do and both of us just want to do something in our power to benefit others for people rarely focus on the have’s and not the have nots, to try and be grateful as things could have always been worse but they’re not so focus on that really.

1971 Cult British Horror film 'Psycho Mania' was filmed in Walton-on-Thames... YOU'RE CLEARLY AMAZED BY MY KNOWLEDGE!


With a lack of NFL action, Manchester United in the Europa League and I’ve finished the book as what follows is just the endless editing that entails as until I’m happy enough for it to see the light of day or at least an editor and publisher it’s completed but my friends already know about this, just see it as “I want the best cake I can possibly bake”. With this extra time on my hands (I’m honestly not playing PS3, I swear down RIGHT NAW!) I got back in touch with my old Brooklands College friend Lauryn as though originally from Walton when I met her at Brooklands, she moved to Suffolk to start a life with her new son Riley, but she recently moved back to the area for one reason or another but to be honest I don’t care what that reason is so don’t ask but I’m happy she’s back. Not like she had me in mind but she moved back to a nicer commute for me to go and visit her as instead of Walton she moved to Sunbury, I finally got to meet her awesome child Riley but she told me how she came up with the name and alas a part of me died inside (just kidding, we all know I’m a playful-melodramatic sort). All the same I had it in my head that the last bus back to Hanworth from Sunbury was at 00:00, but time flew due to Riley hiding (playing hide & seek, not a case of bad parenting, Lauryn is actually an exceptional mother so call off the search folks) as well as we all chose to watch television so really it was only because of Lauryn receiving a phone call that night did I see the time as I was in my own world. So at 00:30 I hoped I was mistaken by the bus times for hopefully at a stretch the last bus was maybe 1:00, it had been a long time since I’d needed those buses at that time of night, the last bus was at 1am from Feltham so hopefully I was mistaken but there was only one way to find out but I wasn’t holding my breath but to check. I get to the bus stop and no not mistaken for the last bus was at 00:00 for the 290 bus I needed but then even checking other buses I could have got did I see the 216 it was the same, walked around the corner for the 235 and same problem and so I was honestly stuck, unless I walked, I’d done it before but to be honest I was drunk so to champion it at the time but when it’s someone else and you hear about it people can call it stupid, well having an outer-body experience of me in my teens I have to now call that act stupid. But since that walk a big, life changing event has occurred in the 6 years since I managed that walk along the A316, in a fact that I have always hated about Hanworth and Sunbury growing up, on a map, close, but in order to get to Sunbury from Hanworth and vice-versa there is no direct walking path unless people include pavement beside an A Road which is no pleasant thing to do,  much like walks from Hanworth to Whitton they are just one of those things that seem further than it is due to no direct route but “my back was against the wall” so I just went for it and though stupid to walk along an A Road at 00:40 by now, I didn’t care, I just wanted my bed.

My safe haven, never been so happy to see four plastic cows on a rooftop!

I walked it with one of my headphones in for as we all know music makes anything horrible seem less painful and makes time just fly by, but the sad fact about the A316 footpath is that there was a dip along a flyover where there was a cave-like entrance at the bottom of the dip as what made that cave was in fact the space underneath the A Road. To be honest as “honesty is the best policy” even at 25 years old it scared the living heck out of me as the smell wasn’t great and it didn’t look great either so call it further stupidity (or I’d like to call it training for this Sport Relief “mile”) but I just ran along through the dip and up until the ‘Unigate‘ which marked the beginning of Hanworth and decent streetlights. Everyone that knows me knows that my balance is very questionable, in fact so questionable that the quickest and easiest way to describe it is would be to say that it is reminiscent of the balance of a 5 year old, and the metaphor I have started using about my running style is that I have “a Brandon Jacobs like engine”, a running back for the New York Giants (The Super Bowl XLVI winning Giants, sorry Anthony) it is well documented that Jacobs is not going to bust off a +20 yard run as he is more big rather than fast but one thing he is is hard to tackle for “he is built like a tank”. The way that Jacobs “rumbles” means that it takes a while for him to pick up the speed needed to become “a tank” to tackle, but in my case it was that it took a while for me to pick up the speed needed to run as fluently as any other runner, as someone that had never suffered a stroke, or as if  judged by a passer by that person could be mistaken for they had never known “my story”. Because of this bittersweet case of “Brandon Jacobs running” I’m going to try my best to be a part of that Sport Relief cause and I even got my socks and my start up pack so “Shiznit just got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!”, yes, I’m original, I just used the title of this piece for a sentence in said piece in a mark of how “Hollywood” I ‘am.

Come on, click on this and donate, please, for a good cause!

When I get back from going out now from seeing my friend Laura who’s back for the week (or two, I’m a crap friend) I hope to see some donations to either my sister or to myself, I hope, yep.