This is the season folks, a good six months and it ends here, bittersweet symphony that's life!

YES YOU LUCKY PEOPLE the NFL season is over and that means no mention of American Football until at least August when the 2012 season starts up but the saying is “the NFL doesn’t get an off-season” due to free agency and the draft, but try and see the bigger picture that the volume of my tweets, Facebook statuses, and general face-to-face interactions about NFL action will plummet. To think about this season finishing in something as easy to predict as the sky being blue, Jersey Shore is “questionable” and that Eastenders is “EPIC LOL!” that easily predictable thing is to watch Super Bowl XLVI (46), what wasn’t easy to predict was how we were going to spend it. We knew that myself, Gord, Matt, and Anthony would watch it together as in a Carling Advert thing the idea we have to watch things like the International Series game, this year it’s New England Patriots @ St. Louis Rams, either way as a collective we’d watch it and we decided in the end to watch it at Gord’s, it was a chance to meet his and Raj’s new flatmate Laura, a lovely lass from Derby (to be continued :p) and we even joked about the dynamic as the only woman in a house of two men had a real feel of ‘New Girl‘, she hadn’t watched it so Laura suggested ‘Men Behaving Badly‘ so is it a testament of my “Americanism”, I loved ‘Men Behaving Badly’ growing up but I prefer my American comedy’s… Hmm.*I digress* This great idea with Madden 12, beef jerky, ESPN NFL Countdown besides other things WOULD HAVE BEEN great but that terrible moment for me to sleep through the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter of THE SUPER BOWL though I did just about wake up as the studio team were wrapping up for the night. My moment of truth presented itself, “ask who won or try to avoid the score until I got home”, I’ve said before that morning and I’ve said it since that I believe the 21st century is the worst time in human evolution to ever want to avoid a sports score, it was documented to satirical effect on an episode of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) so it just seemed to take a weight off asking a good 5 seconds after waking up.

Sucks to be a Green Bay Packers (NFC #1) fan with the New England Patriots (AFC #1) a distant #2 supporter and the New Orleans Saints (NFC #3) a distant #3 supporter... Hmm.

I did a test/”joke about my epic fail” as I wrote a Facebook status noting my intentions to watch but pointing out that I already knew the result so call it “baiting” or “looking to make a joke out of the situation” but then someone on my Facebook that to my knowledge couldn’t care less about American Football still spilled the beans on the scoreline. Not helping things but if I seriously didn’t want to know the score fair enough I shouldn’t be writing a status on Facebook but wow… That’s low. I won’t name him but a joke is a joke but surely people need to respect someone to not create a “spoiler“, I really know not to give a spoiler regarding a film so for for those reading this try and pay it forward guys as you never know when you don’t want to know a score. Looking at that score in the Super Bowl and the post I made about the Patriots I still can’t believe it, but it was an awesome play and kudos Eli Manning, still not in the “Brady, Peyton Manning, Rodgers bracket” as this is only on one season and I think he needs to do it consistantly and dare I say it even Rodgers is questionable in the Peyton Manning/Tom Brady debate. This result means this season was the New York Giants and that with only Ice Hockey and Basketball on the TV, I’m done with American Sport until baseball starts in the April (even that’s questionably) so what we have now is Europa League football, Premier League football, and Aviva Premiership rugby union… That’s that really (that stand out).

Otherwise lets enjoy the silence ey?

One thing I did love about missing the Super Bowl live? Watching on BBC iPlayer meant I could skip the half time show featuring Madonna. Yeah, I’m interested in the American Football, not a talented though surely is the world bored of her 50-something year old singer? WINNING! Some watched rather for Madonna though.

One last note, my sister is doing a sky dive in aid of Different Strokes and stroke survivors, PLEASE donate!