# This is the ball, this is the game, winning it all, would equal THE FAME!
If this becomes 'SBXLII:II' I'll cry!

As we should all know by now I love American Football more than I do Football and this Sunday/Monday puts an end to the 2011 NFL season so that means no other way than watching (with various degrees) an Englishman (Osi Umenyiora), an Irishman (well NFL franchise in the shape of the New England Patriots, Boston has big ties with Ireland) and a Scotsman (Lawerence Tynes), Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Clarkson turning out to be a lass I know is favourite female singer, props to her taste as Kelly Clarkson IS talent, I loathe talent shows but WHAT A DIAMOND. This will also be a game that is the cap of an NFL season for the New England Patriots that is in the memory to the wife of owner Robert Kraft, that would be the late, great Myra Hiatt Kraft who passed on after a bout with cancer on the 20th July 2011, so much a testament to the franchise all season the Patriots have been wearing jerseys with a logo with her initials “above their hearts”. Throw in some Santa Hats as only 2 out of 4 could attend Christmas Eve, then to also add some burgers and some pretzels and we have Super Bowl XLVI (46) and now this is where the real NFL aware readers state that the Patriots against the New York Giants is nothing new for it is a replay of Super Bowl XLII (42) only 4 seasons ago but that is what I love about the NFL and generally North American Sport, “here today gone tomorrow”. In that 4 season span and that 53 players are on an NFL roster 9 out of 53 still stand with the Patriots (Brady, Faulk, Koppen, Light, Mankins, Wilfork, Gostkowski, Connolly) and 18 out of 53 for the New York Giants (Eli Manning, Bradshaw, Ware, Jacobs, Snee, Diehl, Boothe, McKenzie, Hixon, Tuck, Umenyiora, Tollefson, Kiwanuka, Blackburn, Webster, Ross, Tynes, DeOssie).

Soooooooooo... That was watchable jk IT WAS LIKE WATCHING 'X Factor' i.e. Not good!

I joke with one young woman I follow on Twitter called @ThatPatsGirl, what I love about a site like Twitter and that is the fact I have no reason to talk to her in my day-to-day life, but due to a shared interest for the Patriots (she completely eclipses my knowledge and support, I’m a “Packer Backer” after all). In the AFC Championship when those playing in the Super Bowl wasn’t even decided yet, she tweeted that she hoped that it wasn’t Patriots vs. Giants as it would mean a solid two weeks of Super Bowl 42 replays, and that was a Super Bowl that the Patriots lost due to “THAT CATCH” and the pain of two weeks probably wasn’t easy to stomach and I could joke that it was one of the two reasons why I’m happy I’m following the NFL from Britain, 1) Tim “Tebow-Mania” Tebow and his Denver Broncos winning in the AFC Wildcard game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, 2) that I didn’t have to listen to the failings of the Patriots 4 seasons ago, silverlining. With that I just hope that the Patriots right the wrong of 4 seasons ago and that they “do the job” as hopefully they’ve learnt from it and the outcome will not be the same as that 9-18 shift of personnel and the little known fact that ex Linebacker/Special Teams Patriot Larry Izzo retired and then joined the New York Giants and is now their Assistant Special Teams Coach, “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

This is "Schadenfreude" which means I bite my tongue.

This has “schadenfreude” all over it so I won’t comment too much about it, karma is a real thing (in my opinion) for at a lesser note (well to me it’s a lesser note) John Terry was stripped of the England Captain’s Armband which is a big case of deja vu! Well I have it as noteworthy because there has been big talk on Twitter all day of who should succeed him, but I honestly don’t care as I think even a plank of wood is an upgrade from John Terry for the way he’s conducted himself is not like any International Football captain should and so in my opinion anyone else than John Terry is fine by me but “gun to my head” suggestion I’d say the front runners in my mind are Steven Gerrard or Joe Hart. The joke that “All this talk of the New England captain, what does Tom Brady have to say? In my opinion I’d say it should be Sebastian Vollmer“, it doesn’t have to be funny.

p.s. ESPN and ESPN America free for the weekend if you have digital television… Don’t mind if I do. NFL Countdown to the Super Bowl… Besides other sports… ENGLISH sports *rolls eyes*.