The Green Bay Packers lost last weekend which means that they’re out of the post-season and that means that they can’t reach the Super Bowl mainly because their season is over so thinking that there’s no point living another day, how 14 year old “emo” of me but I’m joking but I can’t say the same for other Packers fans when they watched and out-of-sorts team face the New York Giants in the Divisional Round and lose 37-20. No better example of the out-of-sorts Packers than at the end of the half the routine play as a last possession is the “Hail Mary Pass” which is a play that is basically “chuck it and pray” as the offensive team has a wide receiver in the end zone, the quarterback chucks it to them and the defense expecting this play have to play a defense to intercept as no less than three defenders (linebackers, cornerbacks, safeties) knock it down for an incomplete pass of get and inception, just something to stop the chances of a complete pass making this “Hail Mary” pretty much a formality. No-one told the Giants as this play paid off and the first half finished 20-10 to the Giants, I even tweeted that the Packers could still pass it around in the 2nd half.

The Packers started the 2nd half a shade less poorly than the 1st but all in all it was not enough as the game finished 37-20 and even the game everyone predicted didn’t happen as the New Orleans Saints lost to the San Francisco 49ers 36-32 in the same Divisional Round and so not even 1/2 a Championship Round as both lost. My friend’s dad follows the 49ers, I saw them play in 2010, and generally dislike the New York Giants for knocking out the Packers in 2007, said about Favre’s last throw with the Packers, “nuff said”.

Well either way the 49ers over the Giants and hopefully the Patriots over the Ravens as at least one of my two favourite NFL teams in the Super Bowl so lets hope so but we’ll see. Otherwise to find out on Fox Sports website about Manchester United and Arsenal, but before that I shall watch Tottenham and Manchester City, this may be the best Sunday in recent memory for me, time will tell. Four sporting events so this shall be eventful, this shall be a good time.