I made it on a generator, I'm funny! >.<

So for the most sport diverse of you following these I have to say well done as I honestly think my blogs are an extension of my character as a human being for I can’t just pick one thing as my favourite I seem to want to know it all over more than one thing and so instead of being some know-it-all on Mastermind with a specialist subject I’m moderate on more than one subject, I don’t want to say shallow and I don’t want to say deep so moderate is fine, I’m the “Goldilocks” of general interests. With a hunger and passion that could go deep into one subject and neutralise all others but until asked specifically to do that I shan’t obey to that voiceless order of the 21st century blog and I’ll carry on covering the NFL Postseason, the FA Cup, and ‘The Titus Bramble Incident‘ for I think this is the only place on the whole of cyber space to catch those three things linked together, and I’ll have a little bet with anyone that can find some site before this one that can boast that combination, until then I shall stick with believing this is the one and only place.

Gotta love "spunk" but if the Packers lose lemme get in touch with MI:5 for Packers Nation!

To start proceedings we’re currently at the beginning of the NFL playoff season, that bit in the season that incidents, form, stats and personnel moves made actually begin to matter, not to say that they didn’t before the beginning of the playoffs but to say to put it in a more bold context a say for example if a team lost it would be acceptable as all that team would need to do is win the next game but the fact of the playoffs is that now if that team loses it’s their season over as they’re off home until the next season starts in August, its that serious and its that crucial with a tiny hit of cruel. The Packers are being seen as the team to beat but I think that is an automatic given for they hold the best regular season record with 15-1, they are the reigning Super Bowl Champions and they have the disputed 2011 season MVP as well as he holds the honour of being the 2010 Super Bowl MVP. Aaron Rodgers is that good but the problem is in the last game of the season his backup Matt Flynn played due to the season all wrapped up so he may as well see some action, Flynn went on to torch the Lions with the records left & right and as great as it is for the team to have won that game against a team that incited the “Suh Incident” its not for Aaron Rodgers’ MVP hopes as if his backup can torch a team then isn’t it only highlighting the talent Rodgers has around him? Well we’ll see!

ALEX ADEBOYE GUARANTEE: This cup will appear at the Final on 5th May!

Next up is everyone’s favourite football cup tournament after the World Cup, that would be the FA Cup as the league season is put on hold and the feel that “a minnow can always upset a big hitter in the 3rd round“, I honestly think that is the biggest draw to the worlds appeal with The FA Cup but one thing that makes me feel like football has definitely “sold out” if it wasn’t already apparent to the general public is their option of cup sponsor as Budweiser sponsors the FA Cup this season and a couple more at least, not to make certain sponsors exempt but alcohol AND an American brewer if people weren’t already with the impression that football has lost its way as it strikes me like Hansel and Gretel WITHOUT the breadcrumbs. Well the big game is on Sunday as my friend and ex-work mate life-long Red Chris well not be back from visiting his mum in time so I’m trying to help get his mind off of it but, come on, either way that marquee match of the round pits lowly & cheap Man Utd vs. highflying & top spending Man City, the team I’ve nicknamed “Mercernary City” clever right, that’ll do. But this fixture begs the question can Manchester United exact revenge on a team that hit them for six and inspired the headline “Six and the City“, come on United!

Tit-us Bramble

And now to the story that is the jewel in the crown, that is the story of former Ipswich Town, Newcastle United, Wigan Athletic now current Sunderland defender Titus Bramble being charged with sexual assault for a third time. I don’t want to start labelling people but a third time, that’s hard to turn down Titus, what’s a better term “sex pest” or “sexual deviant”? It depresses me when you hear stories like this and Marlon King or Wayne Rooney as I just think of Spiderman, geeky but prove it wrong, with great power comes great responsibility. These footballers get the money, get the girls, get the lifestyle and then they do boneheaded things like this that tarnish the world view of footballers as everyone hears this sorry “news” but who hears of any of these stories? Well at the end of the day yes I heard on Football Focus I think it was Gordon Strachan that said “Because of 10%, the work of 90% are ignored” I think he’s being too kind on percentages but the philosophy is spot-on, because of the act of a few the acts of many are ignored, don’t be one of the minority people, footballer or Tesco checkout assistant.