Maaaaaaaaaaaaate, picture for the ages no?

As much as the date is the 30th December 2011 and as much as I say I love writing I’ve realised that the strategy I have of attacking my book and my blog can be very suspect at times so I’m surprised how I’m only thinking this through now and after the number of posts and suggestions I’ve made in the past but to stay organised and “goal orientated” I’ve decided that I will keep to Friday’s as the date of my blog, not that I have reason to write every Friday but it will be no other day but Friday. Monday to Friday 9am-5am I try to assume some sort of task or trying to piece together a worthy existence, I’m sorry to disappoint but I don’t play Playstation all day or refresh Twitter/Facebook, Saturday & Sunday I tend to rock the weekend (I’m so lucky I have awesome friends & family to rock it with), so Friday Night it is because I have a certain distaste for clubs at the moment (To have the balance of a 5 year old, probably not the best option then?) so I may as well use it as a way of noting big thoughts I’ve had brewing during the week or make notes of my weekend plans I have lined up and as we all know my brain doesn’t know when to shut up so I tell my brain to bring “it” on, this edition I have to say about the great (I was going to type “amazeballs” but after using Urban Dictionary lets not use it again EVER!) Christmas Eve & New Years Eve I had lined up with in my opinion 1 of the top 3 “clique’s” to ever have existed on this green Earth (one has to be the WWF one of the mid-90’s and the other is up for general suggestion, but ours is in the mix somewhere).

Christmas Eve “The Group” (better than “The Clique” surely?) decided on ‘The Bear‘ in Twickenham as a meet up on Christmas Eve has been a five year tradition, but ‘The Bear’ is a place that didn’t ever strike me as “amazing” but what does make it “amazing” is the company I keep and with that group it’s mellow but we all still do things and meet up which I need right now for I can’t allow myself to sit and not do anything for too long but THE HILARITY to be able to walk into a bar (although it had a “club feel to it”) with a walking stick I must have been irresistible to the ladies, did I say irresistible, I mean HIDEOUSLY RESISTIBLE, but at the end of the day I didn’t overly care as I’m not hurting anyone as I can still do things like that so all I was thinking about was the fact people need to start focusing on the “haves” and forgetting about the “have nots”, one thing we “had not” was Anthony and “Gord” which was lame as I thought it was an amazing idea to buy 4 santa hats for all 4 of us NFL-watching folk but alas Anthony was “last moment shopping with his dad” and Gord being a solid Catholic was all over ‘Mass‘ & ‘Midnight Mass‘ as much as I jokingly rue him missing Christmas Eve with us I hope he knows I’m joking and he did the right thing, trick is “don’t crap in people’s cereal”, so Matt and I had to made do with being “awesome #1 & awesome #2“.

Christmas Day was awesome as the immediate family went to my sister’s flat in Wallington,  a year ago I seriously would have thought someone had made that name of a town up, I’m clearly great at geography *sarcasm detected*. It was a great memory as I know it’s a bit mushy but I’m proud of my sister and her place is pimping… Yep I’ll say it, winning back some points for being mushy.

I have a medieval goblet that says so, so it must be true! ^_^

New Years Eve (NYE) I have a last moment substitution but dare I say it highlighted how much I can be a good friend as by mistake and no fault of my friend Kyrstie she only got me one ticket to arguably the best idea in recent memory within our group, hope you’re sitting down & I ask for you to hold onto something, ‘Stevie Wonder Tribute Band‘ at Anglers Pub in Teddington, I know, cringe. But that’s the best bit about the whole thing about tribute band’s as I don’t think it’s meant to be as serious as people would like to think but like I said unfortunately she only got one ticket so I’ve opted not to go as I invited my mate Tom and if there’s no other way of getting another as they said that they had sold-out when I phoned them last night and honestly by no means is this seen as “a runner up idea” for lets be honest ‘Stevie Wonder Tribute Band‘ I’m off to my friend Lisa’s and alongside her fiancé Peter it should be a laugh and of course Anna “Zippy” Cheriyan shall be there and that really does mean it will be a laugh and a half as her and Lisa… INSEPARABLE HILARITY!

My New Years Day (NYD) will include a “mish” to Hayes to see my friend Gina as it’s been a number of years now, I don’t want to say three but this isn’t a good thing and no better way to “start as I mean to go on”, “pick up old ties”.

So those are the holiday plans I’ve had and I look forward to and “I honestly I hope everyone reading this had an awesome Christmas and have an “awesome-squared” New Year(‘s Eve) but a la the 2010 Packers even though “you” have faced so much adversity in the past “you” owe it to out-do “yourself”.” Away I go to finish off a bit more writing before submitting this thing as to write 30 or so pages just to start all over again but in a different direction… Only me!