When your college play home games at "The Swamp" and no-one makes fun of you, you've "made it".

It’s a weird one as it might seem like I’ve all of a sudden turned into a Christian, displaying Christian beliefs and a man that goes to church every Sunday and reads his bible etc. etc. as a result of all “this” but I don’t think that’s the case as it’s honestly just given me yet more reason to not I won’t say “hide it away” but “to start being a bit more transparent” for times I would say “I can’t do Sunday as I’ve got something on”, I still have the same ethics & morals and I honestly don’t think either of these things have changed too much but one thing I will say is when Christanity says “we’re all one church” but then people go from one to the next and it can be more than annoying how they need to have a certain Bible as it’s really not all the same translation and each Bible is money and to be even more honest money that’s hard to come by. So I’ve moved into the 21st century as to say “No disrespect Lord, but I have a Bible app (and it was free) and whichever church I go to I can use it to follow”, sounds logical, I shant play ‘Angry Birds’ will only use it for the Bible app and that is that, deal? Awesome. All part of  my “be more transparent” approach to life and there’s a point you just have to follow with me.

"I just woke up and it was the realisation that the day was Thursday, all I can say, no significance" - Guessing a Tebow quote!

So I’m not on the radio, television, big screen, in the paper or magazine preaching but some people are and no bigger than Timothy Richard Tebow and the fact that I had already written a little about his exploits in “College Football” as well as the NFL and how a man born in Makiti City, in the Philippines to Christian Baptist missionaries was the youngest of five children, grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and grew up devout Christian and with it came a certain Christian-like edge to a very routine game of “football” as the eye  paint the players use to prevent sun-glare was given the “John 3:16 treatment” and it is a good thing as it did get people Google Searching in my mind the 2nd most popular bible passage after Ezekiel 25:17 during the 2009 BCS National Game in which the Florida Gators (the college team the Broncos drafted Tebow from) so it’s safe to say that a certain “stigma” has arised for it seems like Tebow is being judged not only as an American Football player but as a human being and it’s a sad fact that even in 2011 the moment someone is outspoken about their faith their appearance can be altered in a certain way by the “public eye” and its media.

That Kanye West song ‘Jesus Walks’ (choooooooooon) really does say it all as like I mentioned in my book (I’m extracting my book, VIKING!)

Sooooooooo... I'm the LEAST "John Elway" QB going, this is going to be fun!

Tim Tebow was arguably the biggest name in college footballing history but the team he was on played their football in a certain system that didn’t translate well into the professional game and so as much as he had “big play ability” with his feet, Tebow was widely seen as a quite gutsy choice in the NFL Draft (the draft of the best college players in the eyes of professional NFL team scouts and coaches) because the average professional quarterback needs to be able to take a five-step walk back from the line of scrimmage and secure a pass that only a few in the league could and unfortunately he was seen as a player that didn’t have this and so his “draft stock” fell, nonetheless Tebow was drafted with the 25th pick in the first round by the Broncos and his “big play ability” appeared in this game as he scored the first touchdown of the game, a 1 yard run to make it 7-3.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaate, look at me in action. It's not pretty but it's a thrilling win!

I think the best summary is that Tim Tebow is that kind of player that makes  a spectator watch the football game and have a “it’s not going to be pretty but his team can still find a way to win” reaction to it and yes the other members of the team get overshadowed but people can’t ignore the positive and “can-do” attitude that he adds to a team, he is 6-1 as an NFL starter whatelse can a Broncos fan ask for? Yes the Broncos had the great John Elway, 1983-1998 the QB that was under Center in arguably their most successful stint of the franchises 51 year career as he won 2 Superbowls (XII & XIII back to back), 9 Pro Bowl‘s (The best players of each conference as a team against eachother), and he was so good the organisation retired his #7 jersey, to then become the “Executive Vice President of Football Operations” but his is inherently seen as the guy in certain moment of time that didn’t have anything to do with drafting Tebow, it was the group that did it before he got there. It’s unfortunate as everything seems to be against Tebow and I don’t want to be blasphemous but it isn’t great that Broncos fans have “water into wine” levels of aspiration for their team and as much as Tebow is winning it doesn’t seem enough from what they asked so what else Broncos fans, what else?