I'm English so what's with this "man crush" I have for Wales winger Shane Williams?

I can’t tell a lie that I’m rubbish at sport and like any commentator, presenter, pundit, journalist, referee they do all of that because they’re not enough to play professionally, even if they were that time has gone and what follows is the closest they can get to the sport without playing it. I tried rugby B.S. (Before Stroke, I know other names have been suggested but still) I wasn’t any good but what I did learn was the heart & drive  rugby players need to succeed, playing for Twickenham RFC was hard so for Shane Williams to play for Ospreys, Wales, and the British & Irish Lions really is a testament that not to say football isn’t a hard sport but it is easily overlooked the heart & drive that professional sportsmen need in order to succeed and that in the sport of rugby union that heart & drive is easier to point out and acknowledge. For at least a good ten years winger Shane Mark Williams (only 5″7) has played with as much heart & drive as any 6″0 lock and little do people know Shane started at his career as a scrum-half for his first team Amman United but for him to offer the national team his services in the position as an emergency cover.

2008 IRB World Player of the Year? 'AVE IT!

Shane Williams is honestly such an amazing player that comes along to the sport once in a generation that really makes the spectator watch on and drop a jaw in disbelief whenever he has the ball in hand for the Wales national rugby union team are by no means world champions but they’re not “rubbish” as they are simply “on the cusp of something”. If someone was to make a World Starting XV I don’t think many Welsh players would make it but not for a lack of trying as the facts are facts and they really are “on the cusp of something” but Shane Williams is the type of player that for a long-time was a “given” first option for a winger position in this suggested World Starting XV but nowadays as much as that option has dimmed in recent years what hasn’t is that heart & drive and to say that not many players in World rugby make me gasp, lose breath and just think that they can make the impossible-possible, Shane Williams is that man and to know this game against Australia on 3/12/2011 is his last the football equivalent is Ryan Giggs when people say “We wish that you were English”.